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Mr. Warren

Status Update Forum Special Rule

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Mr. Warren

After much consideration considering how to address issues with the status update forum especially in regards to off-topic chatting and a general lack of coverage by the moderators and how best to encourage meaningful connections among members, I have decided to introduce a special rule for just that one subforum.

In order to help those topics stay "on topic" from now on they will be a way to post status updates, but only the person we who started the topic (i.e., the person whose status updates they are) will be allowed to post in the topic. This will help clarify that they are primarily for the member sharing status updates and not full conversations (which can occur in other forums).

The other alternative considered was closing the subforum, but this seems like a good compromise position. If you are curious about the issues with the forum in its previous state, there are several topics in the Suggestion Box forum discussing them.

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