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Mr. Warren

We have a lot of new members, and since our About Me sections on our profiles aren't currently working, it occurs to me that I should introduce myself and help explain my role on Catholic Harbor.


My name is Draper Warren, and I first started using Seton in 5th Grade, that was back in the mid '90's (I turn 40 this year) when I lived in Pittsburgh, PA. I had been at a nice Catholic school before that, but we moved from one side of the city to the other and I had to change schools. The new schools (we tried more than one) did not work out, so we gave Seton a try because we had friends who were using it. We then moved to Connecticut where I did a 6-month stint in public school and then back to Seton. We then moved to Virginia, and my mother got a job at Seton as Dr. Clark's assistant and the head of conferences. Since that time, I essentially grew up at Seton. I got my first part-time job working in the Shipping Dept.

I did Seton up to 10th Grade at which point I started college early, first at a community college, and then Christendom College, where I stayed extra time to double major in History and Theology with a minor in Philosophy. I even wrote my History thesis on the History of Catholic Homeschooling. Before going to Christendom, I joined BoredOnline (sort of the grandfather of Catholic Harbor), which was a message board for Catholic homeschoolers, where I met @Mr. Sparks who was a student who ran that site. I also fell in love with debating.

Through high school and college, I continued to work part-time at Seton helping my mother with conferences and doing small marketing projects. After Christendom, it became a full-time job. My mother retired in 2015, and I became head of the Conference Dept. (which had 5 people by that point), and then a year later also became Director of Admissions (one of the higher positions at Seton). At this point, I tend to get involved in most aspects of Seton in some form or another. This includes high school course development. The Early Church and the Fathers being the first course that I "produced" (like a movie producer--I was responsible for all the pieces and the structure, but wasn't the primary lesson plan author, though I did write some of those lessons as well).

I started doing graduate school for a Masters in Theology, but half-way through decided to change directions and completed a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) instead. I am now less than year away from earning my doctorate (EdD) in Educational Leadership and Organizational Change from Marymount University. My dissertation is studying the nature and effects of parental involvement at the high school level in a home study school using Seton as a case study. It is great being able to tie my school into work.


I love listening to recorded books, especially science fiction and fantasy (TV and movies too). I just love learning, so even outside of my graduate courses, I am usually taking one of the Great Courses online (in all sorts of eclectic areas like Egyptology, Paleontology, Physics, Astronomy, Military History, etc.) or listening to books or podcasts about business, history, Church affairs, etc. I do some website design, stock trading, and some limited video games in my spare time.

If you want a better understanding of what is important to me, this is an article I wrote years ago and I kind of consider it my personal manifesto of sorts. https://www.setonmagazine.com/catholic/training-our-children-to-be-urban-legend-detectors

My Role as Admin:

@Mr. Sparks and I created this site for Seton back in 2017. He handles some of the technical things and I am primarily in charge of all of the other aspects of running the community. We have a few other admins that help with some limited aspects. @Mr. Wagner does all of the new account approvals. @Mr. Strickland runs our Chess Club. (Mr. Wagner and Mr. Strickland are members of my Admissions team.) @Mr. Prause is working on some coding/visual improvements. (Mr. Prause works for Mr. Sparks in the Multimedia Dept.)

As the managing admin, I am in charge of the forums, the mod team, the house leaders, the rules, moderation issues, and really the site as a whole. I try to limit my personal messages only to moderation issues (the mod staff is always happy to help answer site-related questions as well), but if you have other questions, I have an AMA here: https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/793-admin-ama/


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