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    • Maximilian Kolbe
      By Maximilian Kolbe in The CH Times 10
      The CH Times
      Welcome back everyone to the latest edition of the CH Times! I am as usual ready and excited to share a wide array of new articles and pieces with you all. However, I want to start everything off by taking a moment to recognize one of our most prolific and energetic writers. @Loki_Lover very recently has been very busy and hence has decided that they will not be able to continue writing for the CH Times. I want to say that without a doubt, you will be missed. I have for a good while now saved one of her pieces and now in her absence will be posting it as the first article. Everyone, please enjoy:
      The Origins of Wolf-Girl
      Maria Jackson was just a regular girl from Gotham City. She had an ordinary life.  Or she did. She was walking home from school one day when she heard people fighting. She went to go see the people. She saw two men rolling around shouting at each other. They stopped when one was on the ground unconscious. She hid behind the wall looking at the person awake. He was tall and was dressed in all black. His back was to her so she couldn’t see his face.  When he did turn around, she saw it was the famous superhero, Batman. He must have seen her because he said “You should get home, kid.” I stepped out and watched him jump onto the roofs. The next day on the way home, she saw Batman again. This time she was the one in the fight. She was holding up but her attacker was larger and winning. It was just as the man was about to make a final blow that Batman came in and saved her. He attacked the man and gave Maria a chance to escape. She ran out of the alley. After the fight was over, Batman came over to her. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Thanks to you. Thank you, mister.” she replied. “I’m just doing what needs to be done.” he replied. “Can i join you?” she asked impulsively. Batman hesitated but finally said, “I can see in your eyes that you have a fire that will be gone forever if i say no. So i suppose i must say yes.” She smiled and hugged him. That is how Maria Jackson became the WOLF-GIRL.
      Now, there has been a LOT of great football this year, but some of the best has happened very recently. Reporting on the NFL, we have @Big Nick!
      Divisional Round Recap:
          Vikings @ 49ers
          What an exciting game!  The Vikings ,coming off an exciting win in New Orleans last week, marched into San Francisco on Saturday hoping for back to back playoff wins. But the 13-3 49ers had different plans. With Jimmy Garoppolo throwing one touchdown and Telvin Coleman rushing for two more the 49ers beat the Vikings 27-10.
          Titans @ Ravens
          The Titans were coming off the amazing win in Gillette Stadium last week against the Patriots and hoping to advance to the conference round of the playoffs. Which is exactly what they did. They only allowed Lamar Jackson one touchdown and the Titans threw three of their own. The Titans routed the Ravens 28-12.
          Texans @ Chiefs
          What an amazing comeback. The Texans were beating the Chiefs in the second quarter 24-0 when it all started going down hill from there. The Chiefs scored four touchdowns in the second quarter to take the lead at half time and never trailed from then on. The Chiefs ended up destroying the Texans 51-31.
          Seahawks @ Packers
          The Packers took an early lead and were winning 21-3 at the half. But in the third quarter the Seahawks scored two touchdowns and were right back in the game. The game went down to the wire, but the Seahawks couldn’t pull off the comeback and fell to the Packers 28-23.
          Conference Finals
          Titans @ Chiefs
          Can the Titans pull off a win in Kansas City to advance to the playoffs? This will be there third straight away playoff game. Can they defy the odds and win in ArrowHead Stadium?
          Nick’s pic: I give the Titans a 55% chance to win.
          ESPN’s pic: 75% chance for the Chiefs to win
          Packers @ 49ers
          Coming off their close win over the Seahawks the Packers are hoping to advance to the Super Bowl which they haven’t done since their Super Bowl win in 2011. Can they march into Levi’s stadium in San Francisco and pull of a win?
          Nick’s pic: 67% chance for the 49ers
          ESPN’s pic: 71.9% chance for the 49ers 

      Who Will Win?
      Though the Pros have yet to decide a champion, in the college world, there is no doubt left. Reporting on the big game we have @AwesomeSauce15!
      For the Win
            The LSU Tigers handed the Clemson Tigers their only loss of the season (this loss snapped the 29-game win streak Clemson had) in the NCAA Championship Game; which LSU won 42-25. In this spectacular thriller, LSU’s Quarterback Joe Burrow threw for 463 yards, had a QB Rating of 138.9 and threw five touchdowns, while rushing for 58 yards and having 1 rushing touchdown. LSU’s defense also recorded 2 sacks in the game. After the game Burrow was named the Offensive MVP. Burrow now holds the single season FBS record of most passing touchdowns in a season (60) and most touchdowns in a season (65). Which was a big improvement from the 2014-2017 football seasons they had accumulated 59 passing touchdowns. Next season LSU will need a new quarterback because Joe Burrow is declaring for the NFL this next season. This ends another great season of College Football.
      @Philip “Flip” Fender did a special report about the Democrats and how their crazy world is turning out, read it here only!
      Disclaimer: What you are about to read is simply my opinion, which I have
      formulated off of keeping tabs on the Democratic primary; I may very well be wrong in all
      that I am about to say.
      As January gets rolling, we draw ever closer to the inevitable 2020 Presidential Election
      that will decide the fate of this country. The stage for November 3, 2020, is all but set, with
      President Donald J. Trump intent on “Keeping America Great” and the Democrats desperate to
      knock him off. The Republicans seem very much unified behind their President, but what of the
      Democrats? Who will they rally behind? In this article, I delve into the depths of the Democratic
      Party and try to determine the outcome.
      First of all, it must be noted that the “party of racial diversity” has six white people as it
      frontrunners, with no black or brown people left in the field after Senator Cory Booker dropped
      out earlier this week. At this point, the possible Democrat candidates consist of: Senator Bernie
      Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Former VP Joe Biden, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Mayor Pete
      Buttigieg, and Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
      The first thing that stands out to me about these candidates is the overwhelming presence
      of Communism among their agendas: single-payer healthcare, free college, the “Green New
      Deal”, and other pillars of Communism; Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are among the
      Communist frontrunners, with Michael Bloomberg lurking in their shadows.
      As of right now, the polls coming in are rather indecisive: Buttigieg, Sanders, Warren,
      and Biden keep trading the lead. All six of the aforementioned candidates know that, in order to
      be the Democratic Nominee, they will have to take out all of their political opponents, even if
      they be of the same mindset and from the same party. With Warren and Sanders being practically
      equal in political views, these two know that there’s only enough room for one of them, and they
      have already been taking shots at each other. While the polls and Democratic debates are too
      inconclusive to guess who might be the Democratic nominee, I will attempt to devise one.
      Just recently, one of Sanders’ organizers, Kyle Jurek, was asked if Trump supporters
      would be “re-educated” (aka, indoctrinated) if Bernie got into office. In a response filled with
      enough F-bombs to warrant a bar of soap in the mouth, Jurek compares Trump supporters to
      Nazis, responding that “Germany had to spend billions of dollars re-educating their [Expletive]
      people to not be Nazis. We’re probably going to have to do the same [Expletive] thing.” While
      this is not directly from the mouth of the candidate, Sanders has been taking a lot of flak for this,
      giving Warren a slight edge.
      To add to this, Warren has a few distinct advantages to her: she’s a woman, she’s
      younger, and she hasn’t lost a Democratic nomination (yet). With all of these combined, Warren
      has a good shot at taking down Sanders in their head-to-head brawl: I firmly believe that she will
      do so.
      Most people would be led to believe that this will seal the “W” for Warren; I strongly
      disagree, and believe that this will be the rise of a dark horse. With Sanders taken out of the race,
      the left, which constantly pushes left, will have two choices for their Communist frontrunner:
      Warren and Bloomberg. Because Warren took out there preferred choice, most (if not all) of
      Sanders’ supporters will refuse to support Warren, and will instead support Bloomberg. Sanders’
      supporters, combined with Bloomberg’s, will put the former NYC mayor in the lead.
      Once Bloomberg has the majority of the Communist-leaning voters behind him, his only
      real opponents will be Joe Biden, who’s more of a centrist than the rest, and Pete Buttigieg, who
      lies between the two in the spectrum of left-wing politics.
      In my mind, Buttigieg is not much of a threat to either Biden or Bloomberg. This would
      narrow the two possible Democratic nominees to Biden and Bloomberg. In all honesty, I don’t
      think Biden even has much of a chance, due to what appears to be the beginnings of dementia,
      and the (relative) lack of a Communist political agenda. This combination of errors and good
      luck will push Michael Bloomberg to the ticket (again, this is just my slightly educated opinion).
      Despite these musings, the true outcome of the Democratic primary remains to be seen.
      Who knows what unexpected curveballs will be thrown in? There might be another candidate
      that ends up taking it all.
      One thing’s for certain, however. I know that, until November 3, 2020, we can only hope
      and pray that the Democratic presidential nominee will be no match for President Donald Trump
      and his roaring economy, and then (if we’re old enough) cast our vote to Keep America Great.
      God Bless you all,
      Philip A. “Flip” Fender
      Now, I would like to introduce by my own hand our very first article upon video games!

      I have very recently purchased and begun the awesome journey of Jedi: Fallen Order. My first impressions of the game was a bit lack luster as despite crisp beautiful graphics the story is started on a very drab, boring planet. However, my opinion began to change very quickly as I started to travel around to the various worlds, some incredibly lush and full of life done in intricate detail, others barren and dry, sometimes you will even get a mix on the same planet! I would like to especially highlight several things about the game, its story, its mechanics, and its style.
      For the story I will be honest I am much impressed. To try and avoid spoilers I will start by noting a few main characters and pieces all pretty much given at the beginning. The main character, Cal Kestis, is a young Jedi Padawan who escaped the Jedi Purge of Order 66. He has since procured employment and works hard, helping out those around him. He is generally a very likeable character, kind, thoughtful, cheerful, and determined to do the right thing even if it involves taking a few risks. He is helped by an ace starfighter pilot and a former Jedi Knight, both of which are generally likeable, though with interesting back stories that ultimately lead them to be enemies of the empire and allies of Cal. Some other notable characters who appear in other stories besides also make an appearance, I will not name any to avoid any kind of spoiler. Another thing that the game helps to show is the oppression of the Empire, not always shown so vividly in other areas of Star Wars.
      On the mechanics I will have to be honest in saying that I was absolutely terrible and died quite a number of times getting them down. They are very fluid, and for someone used to playing the relatively simple mechanics in Star Wars Battlefront 2 it took some work to get the hang of it. But once I began to get them down I began to really enjoy playing with them. Some of the moves you can do to get from one place to another are very impressive in how fast they come but due to the excellence of the style one can manage quite well nevertheless. For fighting, things are a bit difficult but ultimately enjoyable, the real trick is mastering the dodge, for if you can dodge and then use your opponents' extension to catch them off guard, you will win every time.
      Finally, the style. The story plays into it so it is in a way a Role Playing Game where you play the role of Cal on his personal mission to try and refound the Jedi Order. Otherwise it is designed as a puzzle game. Though I have not found anything to be extremely challenging so far there are parts where it makes you think and I must say I really do enjoy the aspect of it. Add all of that to the action in fighting storm troopers, purge troopers, hostile wildlife, and even bosses and I must say, I love this game and would highly recommend for anyone who enjoys any of those kinds of games.
      @Halfling Sized Ranger wrote an article upon veils, their uses, and benefits!
      If any of you remember, I was trying to decide to veil my hair at Mass or not a few months ago.  I made a topic asking all the ladies of CH if they wore veils and what kind they had, etc.  I took a look at some veils.  Finally, on All Saints Day 2019, I wore my first veil for the first time and I really enjoy wearing it to Mass ever since.  This inspired me to answer some frequently asked questions about veiling at Mass, or, at least, some of them.  My source for this article is Veils By Lily, which is where I got my veil (Highly recommend it!!!).  In case you’re trying to decide if you want to start this practice, I hope this will answer some questions and help you out a bit.
                      Question #1: Why should women wear veils?
                      Answer: A veil is a sign to humble herself before God, who is ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  It is a visible reminder of submission of the Church to the loving rule of Christ.  Women may have different reasons why they veil, but, in St. Paul’s time (And maybe even today), it was used for modesty at Mass.
                      Question #2: Why don’t men wear veils?
                      Answer: St. Paul, in 1 Corinthians 11:7, says, “A man, on the other hand, should not cover his head because he is the image and glory of God, but woman is the glory of man.”  There is also some imagery with the practice of veiling.  Men represent Christ and women represent the Church.  The Church is the Bride of Christ.  Brides also cover their heads at their weddings “as a sign of authority” (1 Cor. 11:10) and submission.  The submission is made out of love, not repression.
                      Question #3: When should a veil be worn?
                      Answer: It should be worn at Mass, if you’re passing through on the inside of the Church, or whenever you’re in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament for whatever reason.
                      Question #4: Did the Church get rid of the practice of veiling after Vatican II?
                      Answer: No, the Church didn’t get rid of the practice.  You may be wondering why there are some women in your parish who wear veils and there are those who don’t.  Just like the Church can’t force all Catholics to pray the Rosary and they can only encourage people to pray it, it’s pretty much the same with veils.  Veils aren’t required to participate in Mass and all women and girls have the option of wearing one or not.  It’s not a sin if you choose not to wear a veil or if you just got your first one.  Just know that it’s an option whatever you choose.
                      Question #5: What age should women/girls start veiling?
                      Answer: Actually, you can start wearing one at any age.  Some girls could have been veiling ever since they were two.  Some could have started after their First Communion.  Others could have started when they were fifteen.  I believe Veils By Lily said that there are veils for babies.  I’ve been veiling for three months and I’m eighteen, so don’t be embarrassed if you start veiling when you’re older.
                      Question #6: Is it alright a female guest at a wedding Mass to wear a veil?
                      Answer: Yes, it’s perfectly alright.  However, Veils By Lily suggests that you should avoid wearing a white veil so that you don’t match the bride.  Black should also be avoided because black is commonly associated with funerals and mourning.  Just wear another colored veil that will go with your outfit.  However, if black or white is your only option and there is no time to order another veil and have it arrive on time, you’re just going to have to make do with what you have.
                      Question #7: Are there any meaning behind the different colors?
                      Answer: When you’re looking at the question from a traditional side of things, married women would wear darker colors, such as black or dark purple.  Unmarried women would wear lighter colors, such as white and light green.  When you’re looking at the question from the other side, there really are no rules as to what colors you can wear and when you should wear that color.  Some reasons to have different colored veils include: having a variety of colors to go with different outfits for Mass, there were only two or three veils because you liked the colors, colors that match hair color, and matching the colors of the current liturgical season.  On a side note, in terms of decoration (Basically, how fancy the design is), women wear fancier designed veils on feast days and plainer veils on Sundays during Ordinary Time or during Lent.
                      Question #8: Isn’t it vain to wear one?
                      Answer: It depends on your intention.  Are you wearing it to impress your friends and the other parishioners?  Are you using the veil to show how you’re so much more holy than everyone else or are you looking for compliments?  Are you wearing one because you wish to humble yourself before God or do you think the practice is a beautiful one?  Think about your intention of getting a veil.  If you’re getting a veil just for the attention or trying to prove you’re much more holy than everyone else, I definitely don’t think you should get one.  If you’re getting it because you think the practice is amazing and you want to humble yourself before God by covering the crowning glory of all women (Simply known as hair), I encourage you to get one.  You want to look pretty when you go to Mass because you’re meeting Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.  A veil can add to your loveliness.  Wanting to look beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re being vain.  Something you can do (Which I also mentioned in the previous answer) is save your nicer, fancier designed veils for feast days and other special occasions in the Church while you wear your plainer veils for ordinary Sundays and penitential seasons in the Church.
                      There are more FAQ on the Veils By Lily website if you want to check them out.  As I stated earlier, if you’re trying to decide whether or not to get a veil, I hope this helped you out a bit.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask me about the little experience I’ve had with veiling.  My PM box is always open.  See you all next time!  The neighborhood friendly halfling sized ranger, over and out.  Ciao!
      @Philip “Flip” Fender did an interview with @FaithHope&Love!!!
      Flip: Many people have noticed that, recently, a fresh wave of new CHers is starting to take over
      and replace the old ones. What led you to originally join the CH, and how does it feel to be one of
      the most prominent and influential members?
      SaraRose: I joined CH along with joining Seton. I noticed it on Seton’s home page and became interested
      with the concept. My mom told me it would be a good idea to join and get to know other Catholic
      homeschoolers. I don’t know if I’m exactly prominent or influential XD but I have always enjoyed
      helping others and being available. I feel like now that I’m starting to become less of a new member I am
      able to be more helpful to the newer members. It is awesome to see new members join and Im always
      happy to help.
      Flip: What’s your favorite part about the CH, and why is it so?
      SaraRose: My favorite thing about CH is most definitely meeting new people and becoming great friends
      with them. I feel like the friends I have made on here, have been the best of friends I could ever have
      asked for. The Catholic atmosphere makes it all the better. I’m so happy to have CH and have the
      friendships I have gotten to make.
      Flip: Have you felt that you’ve somehow made an impact on these new members?
      SaraRose: I do my best to be a good example, though I do have many faults. I hope that by welcoming the
      new members, it has made them feel more comfortable and welcomed into the CH community.
      Flip: In your opinion, has the arrival of such aforementioned new members been good for the CH,
      bad for the CH, or neither? The new members seem to have replaced the old members.
      SaraRose: I think having new members is fantastic! The more members there are the more you get to
      meet and would you get to touch. Although more members makes CH seem more crowded I still believe
      we should welcome the new members and make them feel part of the CH family. I know that having new
      members has been hard on the old members making them feel left out, but trust me when I say old or new
      we all should get together. Old members are not being replaced and new members ar not the ones that
      would make that change. If everyone can connect and get together (old and new members) then I believe
      that CH would be fulfilling its ultimate purpose.
      Flip: Is there any kind of change that you hope the CH will accommodate to make this more
      SaraRose: Maybe just having everyone be more open to private messaging each other more. I am so
      happy to see @Margaret Marie make the getting to know each other poll. I feel like that has definitely
      made everyone get along better.
      Flip: That's awesome! I'd like to thank you for taking the time to put up with my nonsense. Have a
      good night.
      SaraRose: Thanks for the awesome questions. Good night, God bless.
      @SmartKitty16 returns with your latest CH Stats! Notably, from January 1st, 2020, to January 16th, 2020, 8 new members have joined. 286 new topics have been made and 19,557 new posts have been posted.
      Thank you everyone for helping make this such a fantastic edition of The CH Times! I hope you all enjoyed it and remember, if you are interested in writing, we always love more articles!
      God bless!

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