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    • Maximilian Kolbe
      By Maximilian Kolbe in The CH Times 27
      The CH Times
      Welcome everyone to the second installation of The CH Times! I have yet another great round of articles to share with you thanks to an immense amount of authors. However, I would like to start this out by asking for a special round of prayers for @Evenstar. After the publication of the last issue, she was excited and hopeful to be able to share something in this one. Sadly she has recently run into some difficulties with her medications and has been unable to complete any piece. She is doing well gladly, but please pray that things get better still so that in future we may feature one of her great works. As a friend of hers I can say with absolute certainty that I know of no one who is sweeter or more thoughtful. If you are interested in some of her work, you can purchase her book on Amazon here.

      Now to get things started for articles, please everyone welcome @JackAnthony who was interviewed about his time with Seton and as a Graduate by @Loki_Lover!!!
      Q. How long ago did you graduate?
      A. I graduated 4 months ago, and I attended the graduation ceremony in Virginia.
      Q. What was your favorite part of Seton?
      A. My favorite part was the challenging assignments, as well as the flexible schedule. 
      Q. What did you like the most about CH?
      A. I liked the ability to interact with other Seton students, whether it be in a friendly debate, or talking about and suggesting books and movies.
      Q. What advice would you give to students and newcomers to CH?
      A. I would tell them to enjoy their time on this site and make some great friends, as well as even enjoying their education as hard as it may seem, it is well worth the hard work and effort.
      @Newsie58 wrote an excellent review on a little known movie, here it is now!
      It is true that faith-based movies don’t always get the attention they deserve. So, when one is shown in most of the theatres in the country it’s a rare opportunity.
      Overcomer is 2019 Christian sport drama directed by Alex Kendrick (War Room, Mom’s Night Out). After the main job source in the town of Franklin, a manufacturing plant, closes and moves town, many families move with it. Included in these families are most of the players on basketball coach John Harrison’s (Alex Kendrick) team and most of the players on the other sports teams.
      Due to the lack of players many coaches begin to leave. As such the coaching position for the cross-country team is empty, and John Harrison is drafted to fill the position. At the tryouts for cross-country, only Hannah Scott, a young African American orphan girl shows up. Eventually Coach Harrison agrees to coach the team of one.
       Though at times Overcomer can be a bit over-preachy, it is quite a beautiful movie. The focus of this movie is how each character find their identity in Christ. The main points for this story come from Ephesians 1-2.
      Though all the actors and actresses perform very well, it’s the acting performance of Cameron Arnett as Thomas Hill, a blind man with diabetes that is now hospitalized, that really stands out. Watch the movie and find out!
      The story of this movie is very interesting and captivating and it all climaxes with the amazing last thirty minutes of the movie. Add strong acting and great story with Paul Mills captivating soundtrack and you have a delightful movie the whole family will enjoy. I speak from personal experience that the more emotional people in your family will probably want some tissues.

      @NoisyPudding shows the benefits of a good debate writing about what makes a story good.
      What Makes a Story Good?
      There are lots of debates that were quite interesting this week, especially one that @Evenstar made, titled “What Makes a Story Good?” Some have said it is good if it is entertaining, or thought-provoking, or if it draws a reader to it. I personally agree with all of these— the point of stories is for entertainment. Stories should entertain and engage the reader and also, at the same time, make us think more about the world around us, and maybe educate us with a moral or a lesson which will aid us in life.
      As I have seen from this topic, everyone had a different idea on what makes a story good. This topic actually made me think differently about the stories I read.
      @GuitarRocker18 reports on The 501st CH Minecraft Group!
      The 501st
      Hello everyone! Welcome back to another issue of the CH Times! My name is GuitarRocker18 or MJ, whichever you prefer. I'm an active Minecraft player on the CH Minecraft group and I'd like to share with you all a little bit of what we do. There's a lot of Minecraft players, both for Bedrock and Java editions. But our main and active group does Bedrock every weekend. We have several players on Friday with great stuff like playing on featured servers like The Hive to playing with mods on someone's world to build offs. But on Saturdays and Sundays, is the days the most fun of this weekend group. Those are the days we record for our YouTube channel. Yes you heard right! We now have a YouTube channel. Its called 501st Minecraft Group if you want to check it out the link is here. Besides this new addition to our group, we also have a brand new server! Besides these exciting things, through this group, I have made many friends. There are great opportunities to make friends through something you have in common. So if you're a Minecraft player, a survival player or a creative player, come join in on the fun! We welcome new players anytime! I'll mention a few players that you'll see on Minecraft frequently and you can ask any one of us to join: @Arx @Maximilian Kolbe @Fermilab @ACC1 @Xephryl @mjlinder @Ham Sandwich @Obsidian Fox @Mr. Mega @Aeri @TheMinishGabe and myself of course to name a few. If anyone wants to join, our thread is here!!!
      @Loki_Lover interviewed one of our newer members to see what she thought of Catholic Harbor so far. Please give it up for @Quinta!!!
      Q. How did you find out about CH?
       A.  We found out about CH in a Seton magazine and my mom showed it to me, I thought I'd give it a try, see what it was like, so, when we started school I signed up.
      Q. On your very first day, what was your reaction to everyone? Were they nice or were they mean? Did you feel welcome?
       A. When I first saw the messages @Margaret Marie @SmartKitty16 and @DaughterofMary_19 sent me, I felt very welcome and excited, honestly, I hadn't been expecting such a warm welcome, and I wish I could do more to thank them.
      Q. What are your hobbies?
      A. My hobbies are drawing, (mostly dragons and rabbits, I'm not too good at drawing anything else) I like to craft, write, and I'm trying to teach myself archery, although, I'm not doing very well with that.
      Q. Do you like homeschool?
       A. Yes, I do like homeschooling, I like it very much. It may be frustrating at times but I wouldn't trade it for any other school. I think Seton teaches and prepares the student very well.
      Q. What are your favorite forums?
      A.My favorite forums would be the Humorous Musings and Creative Writing, since I'm trying to do some writing myself.
      @Arx here with some Star Wars breakdown with some theories on the new movies!
      After D23...
      The recent trailers for the new Star Wars movie, “The Rise of Skywalker”, have given way to much hype and speculation, particularly surrounding the return of Sheev Palpatine, the emperor of the Empire and sith lord, Darth Sidious. Many theories surrounding his return have spread across the internet and I am here to discuss how Palpatine’s return is legitimately possible and can fit nicely into the story due to previously established material regarding the force. However, before we discuss Palpatine, we must first discuss how returning from the dead works in Star Wars as well as a Sith Lord by the name of Momin. 
          As revealed through the Clone Wars TV show as well as other canon material such as books or comics, when one dies in Star Wars, they merge with the living force, meaning they lose their individuality and literally become one with the force. However, there is an extraordinarily rare ability exclusive to light side users which allows them to maintain their individuality after death as well as appear as glowing blue force ghosts. Very few Jedi have mastered the ability, let alone heard of it, those Jedi being Obi-Wan, Yoda, Qui-Gon, and Anakin. As I stated, this ability is exclusive light sider users, so the Sith are not able to appear as force ghosts. That said, they do have their own methods for surviving death and that is where Momin comes into play. 
          In the canon Vader comic series, Vader was gifted a mask, an ancient sith artifact, by Palpatine. Said mask contained the spirit of the ancient Sith Lord, Momin. Momin had attached his spirit to his own mask in order to survive death. Using the mask, Momin’s spirit was able to possess living creatures and upon learning this, Vader allowed Momin to possess a Mustifarian. Vader and Momin then worked together to construct Vader’s castle, which was designed to tune the dark side energies on Mustafar. However, upon completion of the castle, Momin used the dark side to resurrect his original body which he then transferred himself to and attacked Vader in a duel which was eventually won by Vader. Now, why is Momin’s story important? Well, because it establishes in canon the abilities for a dark side user to attach themselves to physical objects to escape death, to possess living beings, and to resurrect their bodies. 
          Now we can finally talk about Palpatine; Palpatine was renowned as the most powerful Sith Lord to ever exist. He had vast knowledge and understanding of the force and the abilities it granted, especially considering his master, Darth Plagueis, taught him everything he knew, and Darth Plagueis was Sith scientist who experimented heavily with life and death as well as the midichlorians. This means that Palpatine would already have had lots of knowledge in that field even if he didn’t know about Momin before he returned. It is very likely that Palpatine used all of his power and knowledge to save himself from death similar to Momin, but the theory doesn’t end there, we can still look deeper into it. 
          In both trailers for “The Rise of Skywalker”, we see the ruins of the Second Death Star on Endor. Why are the ruins important? Why are the characters of the story visiting it? The answer, should this theory be true, is Palpatine. It is likely that Palpatine attached himself to the Second Death Star right before death and now his spirit resides within the shattered husk of the planet killer. We can speculate even further and say this is the reason for the dark side Rey we see. Like Momin who was able to possess people, it’s likely that Palpatine somehow possesses Rey in order to gain greater strength in the dark side (there is actually a theory that Rey was created by Palpatine for this very purpose, but I won’t get into that here). 
          So there you have it; canonical proof that Palpatine can return without feeling like cheap story writing, if they pull it off correctly, that is.

      Another interview was done by our busy reporter, @Loki_Lover, this time covering @Genevieve.L.!!!
      Q. When did you join CH?
      A.  I joined January 17, 2018. 
      Q. What did you think of the Harbour when you first joined?
      A.  I thought it was super confusing at first and thought I would never fit in.
      Q. Were you active a lot?
      A.  Oh yeah. I just made an introduction topic, and everyone was super nice, so I jumped into topics, and I became super active within a week! 
      Q. Are you active a lot now?
      A.  Yup, I am still really active. I love CH and don’t wanna ever leave. 
      Q. In which topics do you hang out a lot?
      A.  I used to hang out a lot in the “good old days of spam city and general discussion.” But now I hang out mostly in Creative writing (with the roleplays), Humorous musings, Movies, and Current events.

      Q. Describe CH in no less than one word.  A.  Epic

      Though to be fair, I must thank @Big Nick and his staff who have volunteered to help out with the upcoming issues to ensure the highest quality of content on your regular CH Newspaper!
      @GuitarRocker18 did another Dancing Silhouettes after last paper's had 8.

      God bless you everyone!
      Matthew (Maximilian Kolbe)
      Editor in Chief
      P.S. There is some glitch keeping me from removing Kiera's tag on the bottom, sorry about that, will fix ASAP. XD
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