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  • Blog Entries

    • Arthur
      By Arthur in The CH Times 13
      The Summer Times
           With the longest day of the year fast approaching, it's time to wish everyone a very happy summer! It's a time for sports, music, fun, and laughter... but I doubt I need to explain to you what summer is.
           Our CH Times today is focusing on the warmest season of the year... enjoy!
      Cosmo David06 Grace B. Welcome to the Harbour! I hope your time here is fun, enjoyable, and incredible!
      CH News
      ~by @Theresa
      Welcome to the CH News once again!
      To start things off @The Bookworms Little Red Riding hood entries need to be voted on! Please check that out here! 
      @Trust_in_You_1931s poetry Contest is still going on! It could use some entries, please check it out!
      The Therisan House has several contests going on right now, if anyone is interested! There's an Narnian Drawing contest, a baking contest, and a patriotic photography contest! 
      We just passed a big milestone, 30,000 topics!!!🎉🎊
      The Benedictine Superlatives have come out and the Therisan ones should be coming out soon, so please check those out if you are interested! 
      And last but not least, the CH Superlatives have come out! https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/31577-2021-catholic-harbor-superlatives-results/?tab=comments#comment-2074827
      House Columns
      ~by@Arthur Franciscan House
      <> With over a hundred members in the house, Fransiscan is the growing threat to Benedictine dominance... and yet, somehow their meme page is nearly as popular as their chat...
      Theresian House
      <> The Theresian Superlatives are still active! Hurry over to vote!
      <> It's time to vote for your favourite photo from the June "Animals" Photography Contest! Everyone has until Friday the 16th, at 11:59 PM to vote!
      <> The next Theresian Monthly Art Contest is surrounded around NARNIA! Everyone has to the end of the month to make a piece of art and submit it into topic! May Aslan be at your back!
      <> The inaugural Theresian Monthly Saint Short Story Contest is beginning this month! The topic: St. Mary Magdalene. The word count: under 5k words. Have fun EVERYONE!
      <> All participants have until the end of July to take part in the July Photography Contest. This month's theme is: YOUR COUNTRY!
      <> The June Art Contest is now all ready to be voted on! The topic was Star Wars, and I'm seriously so impressed by the talent of everyone on this site!
      Dominican House
      <> Talk about inspiring! The topics in Dominican seem so intellectual... from a debate on the quality of music, to a discussion on why you are Catholic and even what religion is...
      Benedictine House
      <> Benedictine House now has over 150 members!
      <> With the feast of St. Benedict last Sunday, the Benedictine Pride reaction returned!
      CH Memes
      ~by @The Members of CH
      ~catalogued by @Theresa

      ~by @Audrey
           1. What’s your favorite thing about summer?
      stewart ratthew: let’s set the scene, shall we? first of all, i’m a rat. so in all technicality that makes me- a rat. second of all? rat. so when it all boils down, i’m stew. i also like art. put it together and that makes me- a rat. no, it makes me stewart. you’re probably thinking i didn’t answer the question, but jokes on you, i played a little hide and squeak. i actually did mention my two favorite things about summer- eating stew and making art. i’m stewart. 
      @Davy Rockett: I’m a big outdoors person, I love rambling around barefoot in the woods and climbing trees, and exploring, so not having to bundle up in the summer is super nice😂😂that an no school, cos that’s always a plus😂
      @Drummer325 :my favorite thing about summer is being able to spend extra time with friends
      @Crafty4Life: Probably just being able to spend extra time doing things with my family and friends :)
           2. Favorite summer activity/tradition?
      stewart ratthew: my favorite tradition. yes. well, as i previously mentioned, i eat stew. i participate in the yearly “West Rat Stew Strat Big Boil ©” every year. granted i’m the only one that enters because i’m a rat, but those are minor de-tails. *flicks rat tail* my father once said “you are what you eat,” therefore, i’m a rat. stewart to be exact. if you haven’t gotten it already, the word stew also spells out west and the word art also spells out rat. thus i’m stewart participating in the “West Rat Stew Strat Big Boil ©” this is heinous, why do i have to spell all this out for you people. *scoff scoff* street rat- TAKE THAT-
      @Davy Rockett: Swimming and bonfires. There’s just really nothing like spending a good day at the river or lake, swimming around and cooling off😌👌 and bonfires are really one of my favorite social gatherings, they’re just always so homey and welcoming and festive, and then at night when things cool down they’re comfy and quiet and peaceful. I’ve had some of the best conversations of my life, chatting around a bonfire with my friends and family, watching the stars.
      @Drummer325: swimming has always been my favorite activity during the summer, I guess you could say that is a tradition as well lol
      @Crafty4Life: Hmm, I always like playing outside with my siblings with water balloons, water guns, etc.
           3. Favorite summer memory?
      stewart ratthew: my favorite summer memory is the time i ate trash, and i got this rash. i thought i would die, because i ate this massive fly. turns out i got the plague, it’s all a little vague. better watch your back or i’ll attack. afterall i am a rat, how do you like that? “Excerpt from ‘How The Plague Originated’ by Stewart Ratthew, 1986.” 
      @Davy Rockett: I remember at my parish youth group last year, we had a bonfire outside on the lawn, and we had a blast, but the best part was later on, when a bunch of us, I and my best friend and a few others, just laid on the lawn, watching the stars come out and just talking quietly. It was really amazing, just a super peaceful, super close bonding moment.
      @Drummer325: I'd have to say my favorite summer memory would be a labor day party that my family had a couple years ago, it was a lot of fun :)
      @Crafty4Life: I'm not sure, I have a lot of them, probably the same thing that I listed in my last answer, just doing different things with my family/friends  :D
      Closing From @Arthur
           For this issue of the Times, I wrote a little closing in the form of a poem:
      The twilight orb falls
         Amongst the tanned brine.
         Laughing in the sky,
         Its red rays did shine
      Amidst the failing light.
      I gazed in the west,
         The dim light wrest-ed,
         And swallows nest-ed
         Upon solemn heavens
      As the sighing sun did set.
      And humbly I thought,
         As I, wandering, sought:
         For who had the part,
         To furnish such art?
      Only God, our dear Lord.
      And may He bless us, one and all.
      With this, I bid you a truly wonderful and blessed summer!
      May God Bless you,
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