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  • Blog Entries

    • Arthur
      By Arthur in The CH Times 7
      (credit: @Elements)
      The Fall Times
           Once again, as with every past year, we must say farewell to the warmth of summer, and welcome the coming Autumn. While the restful, long days are now behind us, the wonderful colours of a  beautiful season are fast approaching in a whirlwind of events. Essays and test papers have ever-nearing due dates; sports try-outs begin once again. Many activities restart, and many leaves need to be raked.
           As trees turn to red, gold, and a deep brown, your very own CH Times invited you to yet another issue. This time, all centred around the Fall!
      Welcome to CH!!
      JCAV03 Isa The Easterling Milk Jan3113 Patrick Spens Robert P Randolorian_ Mr.Asian Alongside the entirety of Catholic Harbour, let me welcome you to CH!
      CH News
      ~by @Theresa
      Welcome once again to the CH News!
      The Excerpt Story Contest is going on now! Vote for your favourite story! https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/32348-excerpt-writing-no-7-voting/
      @Bluebell is putting on the Great Cycle Challenge! If you want to learn more about it, please check it out here! https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/32106-great-cycle-challenge-usa-ch-riders-for-ella/
      House Columns
           Franciscan House
      <> The Franciscan House Chess Tournament has almost enough members! The competition is a Slow-Chess style tournament, so you can take days thinking on what your next move will be. Hop on over now to join and play!
           Theresian House
      <> The next Theresian Monthly Art Contest has LotR as its theme... I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ALL THE AMAZING ART!
      <> September Photography Contest revolves around the birds and insects of Fall this month... you guys are so talented, I'm excited to see all the amazing pictures!
      <> Everyone has until the 30th of September to vote in the August Baking Competition! Best of luck to all the participants - the food looks delicious!
      <> Congrats to @Julia M for winning the August Art Contest! Her drawing of Aslan came first place, and I agree... it looks beautiful.

           Dominican House
      <> The Dominican VC is an exciting part of the week, come on over and talk and chat about everything and anything!
           Benedictine House
      <> On the overview, the sub title says: "Traits: supportive", and how right it is! The "Life Decisions You Totally Regret Doing" topic is both incredibly inspiring and humorous...
      CH Memes
      ~by @The Members of CH
      ~catalogued by @Theresa

      *notice: there were incredibly few CH Memes these last few weeks - don't be shy, and post more!*
      Sharnstil Forest- Part 3
      ~by @Arthur
      A stench rose amongst the throng. The dozen militia who escaped the terror, sat upon the hay-strewn floor. Alongside them rested Rance, the Princeps, Captain Blake, and several of Rance’s co-workers. All lay in the filth and squalor of the empty cellar.
      Broken glass bottles scattered the floor as dark rodents scurried between the room’s four corners. A deep lull had overtaken the building. Occasionally, it would break out into an outburst of whispering like some contagious plague. But it would halt as sudden as a heart would stop.
      It was the fourth night since the first Terror appeared. Still, the image of the goblin lay ingrained in each of their their memories. Those who had fled in the stampede of its arrival were lucky. Those who had stayed were foolish.
      An old phrase rose to Rance’s mind like a gathering storm, Live to fight another day. Sure, the fleeing horde had seemed cowardly before. Now, he thought it wise. If only he had been swept with it. He wouldn’t have had to experience the mess that followed.
      They had been overrun, and all who had remained, perished. Where Rance was, the fighting was the least fierce and they had been able to escape. However, the roads were blocked by these goblins and the troupe retreated into the nearest cellar. For the moment, the group was trapped. There was no way out, and no help coming. Darkness shrouded them, as there was nothing to light. Silence enveloped them, as there was nothing to say. Fear cowed them, as there was nothing to hope for.
      Echoing the thoughts of every man in the small room, the Princeps said, “We must get out.” A sigh rolled across the walls. It had been repeated too many times, with too few responses.
      “What do you recommend us to do, sir?” asked a soldier dazedly.
      The Princeps shook his head slowly, he did not know.
       “We ran out of food, sir,” Captain Blake spoke up.
      The Princeps shook his head more gently again.
      “Sir, the Terrors – do you know any more about them?”
      The old man closed his eyes and pushed his head back. “I know nothing,” was all he said.
      An hour passed before Rance stood up. Almost immediately, a dozen hands shot upwards to pull him down, to bring him to the relative safety of the cellar floor. He threw them down and stood upon the rotting wooden ladder.
      “Rance,” came a loud whisper, “get down.”
      Ignoring the warning, Rance continued climbing upwards. With every step he felt his heart slowly sink lower. At some point, each of them would have to leave, or perish of starvation. Better now, than later, once our strength has gone, he thought.
      He slowly pushed the heavy metal upwards and felt the cold breeze fall upon his face. The wind rustled into the dark house through the broken window, gaping at the pale street beyond. Beside him stood only the remains of chaos. Wood chips had been torn from the walls, lying scattered beside the moulding food. Loaves of bread fell by the torn cupboards. Leaking from the walls, a deep red drink poured onto the ground. A lake had formed in the centre of the room, threatening to slowly seep into the cellar below.
      “Rance,” a sharp whisper penetrated his consciousness, and turned the man from his train of thought, “Rance, is it safe up there?”
      The miner turned and, bending almost double, replied, “No, but you better come up.”
      He heard a scuffle and cautiously, albeit slowly, the troupe arrived on ground level.
      A dead silence poured over them until Captain Blake interrupted the quiet, “Alright. Time to leave, lads.”
      The Princeps opened the front door and drew his breath in sharply.
      <>     <>     <>
      Fun Facts!
      ~by @Theresa
      If you are a sports fan, I hope you will enjoy these cool facts!   🏀⚾🏈
      1. The silhouette on the NBA Logo is Hall of Fame Laker, Jerry West.
      2. The average life span of an MLB baseball is five to seven pitches.
      3. Golf is the only sport to be played on the moon.  1971 was the year. Alan Shepard was the man. #legenddoinglegendthings
      4. The home team must provide the referee with 36 footballs for each National Football League game.
      5.Because they both lost so many players to WWII military service, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles combined to become the Steagles during the 1943 season. 6.The Olympic rings cover every flag in the world. Yellow, green, red, black, and blue were selected because at least one of those five colors appears in every flag in the world.
      7. The longest tennis match took place in 2010 at Wimbledon. John Isner of the United States beat Nicolas Mahut of France in a match that lasted 11 hours and five minutes. It took 3 days to complete!
      8. Kite flying is a professional sport in Thailand.
      Closing From @Arthur
           With the Autumn bearing down upon us, the CH Times must take its leave until the beginning of October. Thank you @Theresa for your constant commitment to the CH Times. And to all those who would like to write an article for the paper, please don't hesitate to PM me! Even if you do not have any ideas, the more articles the merrier!
           I wish you all a blessed and beautiful Day
           God Bless,
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