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    • SmartKitty16
      By SmartKitty16 in The CH Times 16
      Welcome everyone to the latest entry of the Times!! I hope you like what's in this entry!
      ~The CH News~ by @Thumbelina16
      First off today, let's give a warm congratulations to our two newest ambassadors, @Raelee and @Drummer325!!! Thank you to @Spider-Gwen and @Margaret Marie for a job well done!!
      The confused reaction was removed on Sunday to avoid further confusion for those involved and to prevent any offense. 
      The voting for the Girls' Fashion Contest Part 2 by @SweetBelle will begin soon. Make sure to vote for your favorite!
      @Christina Chin is wondering if anyone would be interested in an All Saint's Day costume contest, similar to the Halloween costume contest. For hose interested, here is the link. https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/24882-all-saints-day-costumes/
      Current debates include "R: Christians and Muslims worship the same God" with 4 pro, 23 con, and 3 abstain votes and three pages. "R: Eucharist should be taken by the tongue" has 45 pro and 6 abstain votes with three pages. 
      @RoseMH has begun voting for the Anonymous songwriting contest so go vote for your favorite! https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/24751-anonymous-song-writing-contest-round-two/
      Stats for this week include the total post count being 1,555,323 and the total topic count is 23,653. We have a total of 1,381 members with the newest being @Cat Eyes.
      Thank you, Thumbelina!
      CH Story by @Raelee
      Part Seven
      The next morning the Chers met in the main room, in front of the fireplace, which oddly enough was still burning. They were all eating some snacks from their backpacks.
      “So, we need to keep following the path and be on the lookout for anything odd or replaced,” Elizabeth thought out loud.
      John glanced out the window. “Yes. Thankfully it has stopped snowing and the sky is clear.”
      “We should get going then” Rose stood up and walked over to the wooden door, where she stopped in surprise. “Hay there is a note on the door!”
      “What does it say? What does it say?” Mar excitedly ran over to Rose, and peeked over her shoulder.
      Rose pulled the note off the door and looked it over. “It says: I hope you found the place comfortable. Be on the lookout for two more Chers who were summoned due to the unexpected change in the quest. Keep following the path. Remember, if you need anything at all, just call for a mod--Natalie.
      Looking at the other Cher’s who had gathered around her, Rose handed the note to one of them, who then passed it on, and eventually everyone was able to have read the note.
      “So there will be two more Chers?” Sen said thoughtfully. ‘I wonder who they will be.”
      Audrey seemed to be confused. ‘When did Natalie leave this note here? I thought she left, and I didn't hear her come back.”
      Nick opened the door and surveyed the winter wonderland, noticing footprints in the ground, which led to the path and then stopped. “I see footprints, so she must have sometime in the night, when it stopped snowing, because if it was snowing, the snow would have killed in her tracks.”
      Faith stepped outside into the slightly deep snow that reached to below the top of her boots. “I wonder if she is still around, or if she went down the path the same way we are going.”
      Audrey shut the door after the rest of the Cher’s and Rosie left the cabin. “She probably is long gone, after all like Nick said, who knows when it stopped snowing.”
      “Okay, let’s stop worrying about when she came and start on our mission,” Dais picked up Rosie and carried her to the stone path. “After all, we only have more days, including today.”
      The other Chers, agreeing with Dais, approached the path. Then they all began to walk down the clear path, which strangely did not have any snow at all on it, unlike its surroundings.
      After a while they all came upon a shocking sight.
      Separated as if by an invisible line from the winter wonderland, further along the path, was a forest. Leaves in many shades of red, orange, and yellow, decorated trees, while many more lay scattered on the forest floor.
      Mar grinned. “No way! Autumn is my favorite season!” Before the others could stop her, she ran up to the forest, off the path, and picking up a handful of leaves threw them in the air.
              Suddenly Rosie rushed forward, and ran around Mar, yelping excitedly as Mar picked up more handfuls of leaves and threw it in the air.
              “So it went from Summer, to Spring, to Winter, and now to Autumn, hmm,”  John thought out loud as she and the other Chers crossed the border and entered into the Autumn forest.
              “I love Autumn! The leaves are so pretty and come in so many different shades,” Faith examined a low hanging branch.
              “Well, I have never seen Autumn leaves before, whether I live there are not really many trees,” Sen remarked, observing the surrounding forest in wonder.
              Nick patted him on the back. “Well now you've seen it.”
              “Let's make a leaf pile!” Mar suggested and began gathering leaves which she dumped in a pile.
              “Yay! I love jumping in leaf piles!” Ecstatically Rose rushed forward and began to help Mar, dodging Rose, who was jumping around energetically.
              Sen looked doubtful at the pike the two girls were creating. “You jump in a pile of leaves? Aren't leaves scratchy?”
              Mar froze in shock at what Sen had suggested. “Oh no! The leaves aren't scratchy at all!. It's very fun! It's especially fun if the pile is big enough to cover you completely!”
              “Hm, well I’m still not sure, about this,” Sen observed as Mar began to help gather leaves again.
              “Here try it. The pile is big enough now. It's really fun I promise!” Rose said, stepping back from the huge pile reaching up to her waist, that  the two girls had created.
              “Are you sure?” Sen asked uncertainty.
              “Yes! It's very fun! Just try it!” Faith grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the pile.
              “Well, if you say so,” Sen looked once more at the pile. Then taking a few steps back, he ran forward and landed in the pile, scattering the leaves everthwerer.
              A few seconds later, Sen emerged from the pile smiling. “That was fun!”
              “I want to try! Let’s rebuild the pile,” Audrey began helping Sen, Mar, and Rose to rebuild the pile.
              “Oh me too,” Elizabeth also rushed forward.
              Exchanging glances, Nick, John, Faith, and Dais shrugged and then also began to help the other. All of the Chers completely forgot their mission in their joyful playing, budding pile on pile.
              Around an hour had passed, and still the Chers failed to remember their original mission, when abruptly Mar approached Elizabeth from behind her, and threw an armful of leaves on her.  
              Sputtering and trying to knock all the leaves off, now distracted from the ladybug she had been watching, Elizabeth smiled good-naturedly. ‘I’m going to definitely return the gift Mar!” she called out, turning and seeing Mar run away.
      Disappearing, Elizabeth claimed easily up a tree above where Mar had taken refuge, hoping  to avoid Elizabeth, behind Faith and Audrey who were examining pretty leaves from the ground.
      Reaching out, Elizabeth gave a low hanging branch, a hearty shake, and a stash of leaves full upon Faith, Audrey, and Mar. She then retreated backwards, behind another thick leafy branch, hiding from the girls’ sight, as the girls shed the leaves off of their shoulders and hair. “That's odd. I didn’t think it was windy today,” Faith looked up at the tree, where Elizabeth tried to stifle her laughter.
      “Me neither, but maybe it just started getting windy,” Audrey suggested.
      Grinning, Elizabeth stifled a chuckle, as the two friends resumed their conversation. Reaching out again, she gave the branch a hearty shake and leaves again fell all over the three girls.
      Faith, Mar, and Audrey looked up again, and due to the branch which had been converting Elizabth, had been emptied of its leaves they saw her.
      “Elizabeth!” Fate smiled and put her hands on her hips. “What was that for?”
      “As Mar,” Elizabeth grinned.
      “Mar…” Audrey began when suddenly there was a large crack, and Elizabeth gave  a slight shriek as she fell from the tree.  A great thud was heard as she hit the ground.
      Immediately all the Chers, alerted by the shriek, rushed over to the tree, where Elizabeth lay motionless on the ground.
      Seeing her closed eyes, Nick shook her gently by the shoulders but she didn't awaken, and her breath was coming in quick uneven breaths.
      “Anyone know First Aid?” Mar asked worriedly.
      All the Cher’s shook their heads. They knew how to bandage cuts, and how to treat bee stings, but that was the extent of their knowledge.
      “I know, pour water on her,” Rose undid her backpack and pulled out her water bottle. She then was about  to pour it on the unconscious girl when a hand grabbed her outstretched arm and took the bottle from her.
      “No! You will shock her! You need to rub her wrists gently, and find some plant that has a strong scent, then wave it under her nose,” a unfamiliar voice said.
      Rose along with the other Cher’s turned and saw two girls standing in front of them. The girl holding Rose’s water bottle, looked to be sixteen, had hazel eyes;  long dirty blonde hair tied back in a pony; blue eyes, hiding behind roundish glasses, and was average height. Her companion looked to be fifteen, had light brown eyes;  straight dirty blond hair held back by a headband; and was around average height.
      Both girls were dressed in the Seton uniforms, like the Chers, and both had a smile upon their familiar looking faces.
      CH Characters: CH Character Sketches by Chers themselves.
      Author: @Raelee
      Thank you, Raelee!
      Speaking of amazing stories, @Bluebell has a writing contest going on right now, and is hoping for more votes. If you would like to help, please click the link, read the stories, and vote fvor your favorite. I think Bluebell is planning on another contest soon, as well. https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/24684-excerpt-story-contest-voting/
      Welcome Our Newest Members! by @SmartKitty16
      Welcome everyone to the part where I introduce all latest members!! Please note I only mention members who have posted, as this how I know that their accounts are activated. 
      Please Welcome…
      Lissy Oleen
      Welcome, all of you, to Catholic Harbor!! We can't wait to get to know you better, please feel free to reach out!
      CH BINGO by @SmartKitty16
      Hey there everyone, Natalie here. A while back I made a CH Bingo chart, but never shared it in the forums. 
      Well, the time has come! feel free to fill out this chart and see if you can get BINGO!!!! Please let me know if you need help. 

      CH BINGO
      Find a meme that says "no one" on it | Read a story written by a CHer | Find a CHer who likes sports | Find a CHer with a saint PFP | Find a topic about LOTR
      Find an SU with 10 or more pages | Find a CHer named Mary, Maria, Isabel, Etc. | Find a CHer in your grade | Find a post with a spelling error | Find a meme about Draper
      Find a UN that reflects the hobbies of the person | Find an actor/ress | Find a topic made by Mr. Warren | Find a follower with an "A" in their username | Find a CHer who's on ChessKid
      Find a topic about Star Wars | Find a meme with a Surprised Pikachu template | Find a follower who has a number in their UN | Find a topic about Spam City | Find an About Me that has "stalker" on it. 
      Read a poem by a CHer | Find a CHer who lives in Canada | Find a CHer with the username of a TV character | Find a GIF | Find a CHer who draws
      CHer: CH Member, Ambassador, Mod or Admin. (it can be any of them)
      SU: Status Update topic
      PFP: Profile picture (the circle thing next to a username) 
      I put in Isabel as a variation of Mary, when really it's a variation of Elizabeth. My bad, but it still counts if you find an Isabel or Isabella. 
      Follower refers to someone who follows YOU. 
      UN stands for username. 
      YOU CAN'T USE YOURSELF FOR ANY OF THE SQUARES, it has to be people other than you. 
      Feel free to fill out the whole square, if you wish. 
      Please tell me your results in the comments, and tell me what you think of this idea!! Also let me know if you are having a hard time understanding or seeing it. 
      Interview of @nomad by @DaughterofMary_19
      Now here is an interview of @nomad done by @DaughterofMary_19 a while ago.
      To begin, how did you first find out about CH? Well, when I had just turned 15, my mom told me of CH's existence. I used to be so sensationalized with wanting to get into the various social media rings that all of my old friends were into. I was given CH as a sort of alternative to that, because my mom was really against me joining that at such a young age (which I legit thank her every day for).  
      At first I thought CH was the most LAME sounding thing I had ever heard of in my entire life. I hadn't had the best experiences with Catholic homeschool groups in my diocese up to this point and I had given up a lot of hope in those areas. Then later in the year, when I was almost 16, I was in a pretty dark place and felt very lost as a human. I finally got over myself and decided to give a try. Best. Decision. Ever. 
      When you joined CH, what was your first impression of the site? Did you immediately fit right in, or did it take some getting used to? It  took a long time for me to feel integrated. I wasn’t so active for the first six months of my time on CH. January into February is when I really starting becoming active. After a month or two, I found my little group of friends. 
      My first impression could be expressed in one word: Debates. 
      At first, that is really all I paid attention to. I didn't know Status Updates existed, or chats. Barely looked at the old GTKY forum, or most of the others, even Humorous Musings . Academic forums were the scope of my view. 
      Nowadays, those horizons have since been greatly broadened.
      What was your reaction when you were first asked to be a mod? I was shocked to say the least. Sam had been asked a few hours before me, so we were all celebrating with him. My mom was sitting across the room at the kitchen table, and she said "I just got an email from Mr. Warren." 
      Boy when I tell you my heart dropped. I thought I was being given a notice of deactivation at first. 
      How are you liking being a mod so far? I'm really liking it. @WilliamSkelton and @Aeri have been wonderful guides to me. I pester them all day with opinions on something specific or just general advice. They've become very dear to me in a short amount of time and they are friends I want to keep always.
      Best part of it is getting the chance to know people. Whenever I PM someone or someone PMs me regarding a question about something, usually conversation gets struck up. I've gotten to know a lot of people that way so far. 
      What's your least favorite part about being a mod? This isn't really a con, but if I've noticed that my activity elsewhere has gone down ever so slightly. But, I am in the middle of getting finished with school for the year, which has also contributed a bit. 
      How do you hope to impact CH as a mod? I  had to really think about this one for awhile. I think that the one thing I want to be remembered for as a mod, is that I only exercised my specific abilities when absolutely necessary, and that it never spilled into my day to day activity. Even a minor amount of authority can destroy people, and I never want to gain the mindset that I am a better member than another, just because I am a mod. 
      I hope you all enjoyed that interview, hopefully an interview of our ambassadors can be done soon in the near future!
      Thank you all for reading this entry, and please look forward to the next one! Please reach out to me if you would like to help with or write something for the CH Times. 
      God Bless, 
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