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  • Blog Entries

    • SmartKitty16
      By SmartKitty16 in The CH Times 8
      Current CH Events by @SmartKitty16
      @Otter rose is organizing a contest for artists, voted on by members. Members say which artists are their favorite, then the artists participate in an art contest. 
      Link to Mention Your Favorite Artists
      Poll to Choose the Art Category (only vote if you don't participate as an artist)
      @Mr. Warren has made a new debate forum, where members can have a one on one debate against him. 

      From a mod's perspective:

      CH Staff Rank Series by @Bluebell
      Here's another part for Staff Rank Series!
      @mjlinder - “I’m becoming that one aunt everyone hates being around”
      @WilliamSkelton - Aristocracy, try it sometime
      @Maximilian Kolbe - Stormblessed
      @SmartKitty16 - What can I do for you?
      @Beowulf - "with the tide"
      @Mr. Warren - Make it so!
      @pianoplayingpony - Surrender is not an option. Fight valiantly
      @Leprechaun12 - Spirit of the Wind
      @Raelee - It's not over yet
      @Drummer325 - Forever
      mjlinder was playing chess with WilliamSkelton. He sighed and said, "I'm becoming that one aunt everyone hates being around." WilliamSkelton took mjlinder's pawn en passant. "Aristocracy, try it sometime," was his piece of advice. Maximilian Kolbe walked in, saying hello to the other moderators who were lounging around in the room, along with some ambassadors and Mr. Warren, and sat on the extra chair at their small table. He put his head on his hands. "Stormblessed," he said shaking his head. "Look, stop speaking in riddles, both of you," said WilliamSkelton. "I've been trying to figure out what that meant," said mjlinder. "He just keeps repeating it, besides saying hello and bye." "STORMBLESSED!" shouted Maximilian Kolbe loudly. SmartKitty16 walked over to Maximilian Kolbe. "What can I do for you?" she asked. "stOrmbLesSeD," said Maximilian Kolbe. Puzzled once more, SmartKitty16 said, "Why does he keep acting like this?" Beowulf said, "With the tide." WilliamSkelton rolled his eyes, "like that has anything to do with it." Mr. Warren put down the newspaper he was reading, the CH Post, and said, "Make it so!" "What?" asked SmartKitty16, "How? and why?" "Find out what it means," said Mr. Warren. Arx came in and said, "Guys, guys! I just found out there's this guy who's trying to steal the CH members passwords!" "Oh no!" screeched JMJ001, "What'll we dooooooooo??" pianoplayingpony said, "Surrender is not an option. Fight valiantly." William Skelton rolled his eyes again, "Yeah, like we won't. Like we'll just hand him over the passwords," he paused, "Arx, what's his name?" "Stormblessed!" roared Maximilian Kolbe. "How did you know?" asked Arx. "That's the guys name, Stormblessed." "That's an odd name..." said Raelee. Leprechaun12 said, "Spirit of the Wind," she shook her head, "I have heard about Stormblessed, he is said to be as strong as the wind." Raelee, being positive, said "It's not over yet!" Drummer325 said, "Forever," then, "We will never give up." Someone received a text message, it was Mr. Warren. "Mr. Sparks said he caught Stormblessed on the street. He didn't get the passwords." The rest of the staff were happy. Maxilimilian Kolbe said, "Hooray!" "Dude, you can talk normally?" asked WilliamSkelton. "Yeah. I actually met Stormblessed, and I took the list of passwords from him. So naturally he put a curse on me that I would have to say his name, besides hello and goodbye. He likes manners." "Naturally..." repeated WilliamSkelton. "Yeah, now that he is caught the curse went away." The Staff was confused, but they were glad whatever was the problem was was fixed, so they logged on to CH and voted on the CH Excerpt Stories Contest.
      Not my favorite entry, but I hope you like it! 😆
      Editor's note: This was written on January 6th, so that's why the current ranks of the staff don't match the ones in the story. 
      A Movie Review by @DMC88
      So...this issue’s movie is going to be a unique one….I thought (from 20 mins into the movie and onward) this is one of the coolest movies ever….IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, etc. on the other hand, beg to differ:
      Rotten Tomatoes: 34%
      IMDB: 5.8/10
      So without further ado, I give you corny as heck film, but still cool nonetheless:

      Battleship:  So due to the material seen in the first part of the film, if you even want to check this movie out, skip through the first 20 mins of the film...it’s soap opera bad...derelict whose brother (who’s in the Navy) forces him to join the Navy, some “not good” stuff...and...ughhhh..it’s so badddd XD
      So, anyway, A huge Naval exercise is going on just off the Hawaiian coast.  16 nations are conducting war exercises when strange alien ships crash into the sea.  USS John Paul Jones and three other destroyers are called to the scene.  Upon arriving (and the main character stupidly touching the ship!!!) a huge force field covers the destroyers and the entire Hawaiian islands, but the main fleet is destroyed.  After some drama, the death of the older brother which causes the younger bro to go on a vengeful rampage for pretty much the rest of the movie, some teamwork (A Japanese Captain gets credit for sinking two alien ships while on an American destroyer), some land-based drama….blah, blah...things really start getting interesting.  With the USS J.P.J., the last of the three destroyers, destroyed and with no other warships left to fight the aliens, our hero (Taylor Kitsch) has the BRILLIANT idea to use the now museum battleship, USS Missouri.  With the help of Missouri veterans, they get the sip battle-ready for her greatest battle: USS Missouri vs. Alien Mothership

      Opinion:  For the story’s sake, watch the first minute of the film or so just to get a grip on what’s going on.  As soon as the film goes to Oahu, make like a tree and scram to about the 15/20 min mark.  Oh, and yes, this film is based off the actual “Battleship” game, and Hasbro even gets their logo in the film, to prove it.  Liam Neeson does a pleasant turn as the Admiral in charge of the multinational fleet. Rihanna (yes, that Rihanna) does surprisingly good as a fellow officer, Stellan Skarsgard plays our hero’s older brother.  Except for the ships, alien vs. ship fights, and some other stuff, this film is a pure mess.  It’s rating is PG-13, so when you exclude the parts I mentioned, I give this a CH-15+ rating.
      Oh, and a Happy New Year to Everyone!!!!
      Sadly I didn't have enough time to type the Welcome Our Newest Members! section, I apologize. 
      I hope you all are doing well. 
      God Bless,
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