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  • Blog Entries

    • R_ZiTa
      By R_ZiTa in Theresian Newsletter 15
      Welcome to the 8th issue of the Theresian Telephone! This is @R_ZiTa, kicking things off. Thanks to @Raelee for doing such a good job as Editor-in-Chief and we wish her good luck as a Moderator! Also,  @Bluebell has joined the Theresian Newsletter Staff so a big welcome to her as well! @Starrydancer, we're ready when you are.
      In the Spotlight!!
      And now for @Starrydancer's interview!
      Welcome back to the interview section of the Theresian Telephone! I have interviewed one of our newer Theresian members, @tidy_teen! Alright, let's get moving!
      When did you join the Theresian house?
      I joined last Sunday
      What made you want to join Theresian house?
       I joined it because I felt it that it suited me
      What is your favorite part of Theresian house?
      My favorite part has to be the photography Lol
      Have you ever been in any other house?
      No, I have not been in any other house
      Any words to those considering joining the Theresian house?
      I would welcome them😊
      Thank you so much @tidy_teen
      Thanks for that great interview and welcome to all new Theresian House Members! Let's kick the Literature section off with Poetry. In this poem, a knight named Hunter learns he must work with an Irish Thief named Radharc (Rae-arc). Hunter is just as protective of his sister as Radharc is, hence the title which means "For His Sister."  The thief sends money to his sister who was sent off to an orphanage when they were separated as little kids.
      A couple things that might be of note would be the rhythmic changes depending on who is speaking to suit their character. Also, for the difference in slang-use. Another thing to think of is the part where they are practically going back-and-forth. This can be very effective for story-telling through poetry. For example, I have another poem which is similar but includes combat. I wanted one character to say something moving but also had to describe what was happening, all while fitting rhythm and rhymes. To do so, I had my main character speak his monologue, while the antagonist describes his fear and strategy towards the protagonist's actions. Also, since people who read this poem usually haven't read the book, I had to include a lot of small details to hint towards events in people's lives to give the characters depth and reasons for their words.
      Since this poem is based off scenes in a book I was writing, there are a couple mentions that may need to be explained hehe. The tiara Radharc speaks of is from when he tried to steal one from a girl (Ezmerelda) Hunter takes care of, but decides against it. He wonders if she knew he had attempted to snatch it since he loves her. When they speak of Radharc's eyes, they have a special ability which was passed down by his father.
      Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Anything in blue is spoken by Hunter, red is Radharc.
      For His Dierfiur
      What sort of man
          Does the things you do?
          Sleeping with nothing to chew?
      I know of none who can
              Aside from I who writes in a fever
              Of one who's done all for his young Dierfiur. 
      My name is Radharc
      To whom they all bark
      And though my name means vision
      I never see for what I'm itchin'
          I'm looking for the light, for Solas
          And when I dash for a bite, a ruckus.
               I'm sure I'll sleep tonight with a fever
               All this trouble and i still haven't found Dierfiur. 
      What sort of man are you?
          If you even are one yet?
          Stealing for a baguette?
      But for her you work until blue
               Your gifted eyes, wastefully set to blur
               All for the sake of Beloved Dierfiur.
      My name is Radharc
      My mentality dark
      Though my sister was stolen
      I now pay for nothin'
           I am setting gifted eyes for lies
           My guilt cannot be disguised, lost tries
                 As a hungry child I lost my reputation
                 I search on for Dierfiur, now home in a new nation.
      What sort of man deceived
          Spends on an orphaned sister
          In the care of an unknown mister 
      All the stolen coins received?
               Wouldn't you rather work on a pasture
                Instead of stealing for your lost Dierfiur?
      This way I dash
      That way I sprint
      I scour for cash
      There goes a hint!
            While down this path
            I'd love a bath
            I don't know what's darker
            My past or my future
            The present looks bleak
            But my strength is not weak
            A Lead Fighter am I!
            Don't stare in my eye
            Though I respect my passed father.
             I'll do what I must for Dierfiur.
      You confuse me
      Frustrated and angry
      Though you steal all that is in sight
      Some sort of virtue still shines bright.
      Perhaps what appears dastardly
      Is that, ever so slightly,
      This thief somehow mirrors me!
      I'll find you
      I'll save you
      Whatever trouble yer in
      I pray God forgive my sin
      My faithless heart tremblin'!
      In a rush, I brush my hair tight
      At least when abandoned I did it right!
          Where will I find food tonight?
      Kept my sister, became a knight!
      For heaven's sake, have some dignity!
          I feel a chill in this sad city
      I shall protect Ezmerelda from you
          Perhaps, the tiara, she never knew
      As God entrusted me to do
      Jesus, please, a snack to chew!
      After this, Radharc, we're through!
      And now for @The Horse Enthusiast's Essay!
      St. Genevieve
      Hey all! Welcome to the  essay column. We are continuing the series of essays about saints. For this issue, I wrote an essay on St. Genivieve.@Betty_Aussie is now co leading this column with me now. She'll be writing the next saint essay for the next issue which will probably be the last essay on a saint before the subject changes.Here's the essay on St. Genivieve. I hope you enjoy.
                                                                                     St. Genevieve
          St. Genevieve was a beautiful and brave peasant girl who was born around the year 422 in Nanterre, France to parents Severus and Gerontia. When she was just seven, St. Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre stopped at Nanterre while traveling to Britain. Many people quickly gathered to obtain his blessing. St. Genivieve was among the crowd and St.Gemanus pointed her out above the others and predicted her future sanctity. After which at her solicitation, St. Germanus brought her to a church and  consecrated to God as a virgin.
                 The following day, the holy bishop inquired if she recalled her vow to God. She responded that she remembered and announced she would at all times keep it faithfully. The bishop gave her a cross to wear to aid her in remembering her consecration of herself to God. The bishop commanded to never wear necklaces, bracelets and other adornments as a protection against vanity. Enouraged by the holy bishop, she devoted her life to much prayer, works of devotion, and doing many penances.
               When she was only fifteen, she met the Bishop of Paris and requested from him if she could become a nun. After which, she prayed all the time and did much fasting. She only ate twice a week. She did these as a testimony of her utter devotion to God. When her parents died, she went to reside with her grandmother in Paris. She journeyed and proclaimed the faith to others, and also doing many works of charity, praying for those with ailments, and prophesying.
              Her holy life exhibited how the Holy Spirit performed through her. This incorporated miracles and spiritually inspired predictions. She often had visions of saints and angels. But when she told others of her visions. They started becoming her enemy and charged her of being a hypocrite and a fake visionary. Bishop Germanus interceded and quieted those who were charging her of fake statements and were oppressing her.
               St. Genevieve was designated by the Bishop to watch over consecrated virgins. She did so faithfully and assisted in leading them to help guide them to a greater extent of holiness as they grew nearer to the Lord Jesus. St.Genivieve had a great impact over Childeric, the King of Gaul, who had taken control of Paris. One time when Paris was plagued with famine, St. Genevieve journeyed to Troy and came back with many boats filled with corn. Even though Childeric was a pagan, he greatly admired her and was merciful to some of the prisoners on her behalf.
              She also had great influence on King Clovis. He heeded her counsel and endowed freedom to some of his prisoners. One time when Attila and his army of Huns were going to attack Paris, the Parisian Christians were ready to flee, but St. Genevieve and talked to them and persuaded them to stay inside their homes and fast and pray to God. She guaranteed that Heaven would guard them. Her prediction was seen to be right when Attila abruptly  converted his path  and veered away from Paris.
            St. Genivieve died on January 3,512 at 89 years old. She was canonized by Pre-Congregation. She is the patroness of Paris. She was a great saint who demonstrated throughout her life the virtues of generosity, trust, faithfulness, and devotion to God. Let us follow this great saint's example and always be generous to our neighbor and to always trust, be devoted to, and faithful to God.
                                     I hope you enjoyed and learned a little about St. Genivieve. God bless!
      Thank you for that fascinating essay! And now, let's lighten the mood with @Rina Maria's Humor Column!

      Pls remind me if I already made this one XD:

      Me: I can play violin!
      Friend: Ooh, let's hear it!
      My violin-playing skills:

      Thank you @Rina Maria! @Theresawould like to share her music section with us now!
      Music section:
      A Harpsichord (Italian: clavicembalo; French: clavecin; German: Cembalo; Spanish: clavecín; Portuguese: cravo; Dutch: klavecimbel; Polish: klawesyn) is a musical instrument played by means of a keyboard. This activates a row of levers that turn a trigger mechanism that plucks one or more strings with a small plectrum made from quill or plastic. The strings are under tension on a soundboard, which is mounted in a wooden case; the soundboard amplifies the vibrations from the strings so that the listeners can hear it. Like a pipe organ, a harpsichord may have more than one keyboard manual,[1] and even a pedal board. Harpsichords may also have stop buttons which add or remove additional octaves. Some harpsichords may have a buff stop, which brings a strip of buff leather or other material in contact with the strings, muting their sound to simulate the sound of a plucked lute
      Music fun facts
      The origin of the word ‘music’ from Greek is ’Mousa’ or ‘Muse’. Goddesses of music, poetry, art, and dance were legendary in Ancient Greece.
      Music is played on all seven continents of the planet – it’s one of few things that unites us all!
      In 2016, it’s thought that Mozart was a bigger seller of CDs than Beyonce – you can’t beat the greats!
      South Korean scientists have evidence that plants grow faster when music is played, confirming that plants have sensory preceptors.
      None of the Beatles could read or write music. In 2018, Paul McCartney admitted during an interview that music just ‘came to them’.
      And there you have it! Thank you for reading our issue. As always, we hoped you enjoyed it. Hope to see you next time and God 
      The Theresian Newsletter Staff:, @Elleigh, @R_ZiTa, @Bluebell@Theresa,  @The Horse Enthusiast, @Starrydancer, @Cath, @Rina Maria, @The Bookworm, @CatholicIrishDancer, @Aussie_Girl, @Stulta Artifex, @Betty_Aussie and the many Theresian Members that contribute to the Newsletter!!!
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