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  • Blog Entries

    • Arthur
      By Arthur in The CH Times 14
      (credit: @Elements)
      The CH Times: 🎃ctober
           Trees begin to lose their leaves as a bright green fades into a cobweb of red and gold. Winds batters against doors, and weather cools into a fine, chilly atmosphere as October hails Fall in all its prime. With pumpkins galore, and school to catch up on, we all might find ourselves getting slowly busier as days go by.
           At this time, the CH Times welcomes you back to another issue of the Harbour's very own paper! This time, we dive into everything about October!!
      Welcome to CH!!
      The Silent Meerkat Miss Gigi redacted Potterygirl321 Genevieve Therese Welcome to the Harbour one and all! I hope your time here is wonderful and fun!
      CH News
      ~by @Theresa
      Welcome back to the CH News! The Disney princess challenge is back if anyone is interested!
      There is a costume contest going on, if anyone is interested!
      House Columns
           Franciscan House
      <> Franciscan House celebrated the feast of St. Francis earlier this month! St. Francis, pray for us, Amen! 🙏
      <> Awww, CUTE PETSS!!! Cause that's the latest competition in Franciscan House! The Cutest Pet Competition!!
      <> What's this? gLaDiAtOrS? Oh wow... enter into the Gladiator Pits at your own peril, with the reward: UNENDING GLORY!!
           Theresian House
      <> The September Photography Contest is now open to voting! Vote for your favourite picture of "Birds and Insects"!! But hurry - voting ends at the end of the month!
      <> The September Art Contest is also open to voting! And, my goodness me... the absolute talent that's on the Harbour... I'm seriously so proud of you guys :))
      <>The Theresian Monthly Art Contest: October has begun! The theme for this month is plants!! Best of luck to all competitors!
      <> The October Photography Contest is in full swing right now! Now, and I'm super excited to see how this will turn out, you've got to take a picture of a shadow, and enter it into the contest! *excitement echoing from across the screen*
      <> The October Baking Contest has either music or Halloween as its theme! Best of luck to all the wonderful cooks of Theresian House! (And please know that, if you send me whatever you're baking, I will vote for it immediately...)
           Dominican House
      <> The latest of the Dominican House Debates is: "R: It Is Wrong To Display Items That Have Become Affiliated With Certain Beliefs or Political Stances That Are Against Church Teachings", and I'm honestly so intrigued to see how this will play out. Is it permissible or isn't it? Hmm.... I guess we'll just have to head to Dominican House to check on all the wonderful arguments everyone will make!
      <> The First Dominican House Creative Writing Contest is in full swing! Get your stories in by the 24th, with a pen name and all for a chance to win! Good luck to each and every one of the contestants!
           Benedictine House
      <> ... I just want to put it out there that the Benedictine House has about twice as many posts than double the amount in all the other houses combined... whatever they're doing, it's working...
      CH Memes
      ~by @The Members of CH
      ~catalogued by @Theresa


      Sharnstil Forest- Part 6
      ~by @Arthur
           Rance drove the few men of his band forward. The sun had long since set, and night held onto its dominion. A cobweb of shadows littered their path as the troupe battered its way deeper into the forest. Underbrush and low-lying branches barred their way as the adventurers fled from the Terrors.
           The Terrors they could hear not far behind them.
           The goblinesque creatures spoke in some foreign tongue, strangely similar to the gargle of a newborn and yet, more ordered. Despite their chaotic appearance, Rance couldn’t help but wonder at how organized the strange species was.
           Organized and deadly.
           He swept at a large branch with a massive stick, found along the way. With a loud crack, the piece of wood broke. Forced to bundle his was through the greenery the best he could without any aid but his arms and legs, scratches soon began to line his body.
           After several hours, Rance couldn’t take it any longer. He was exhausted, broken, and terrified. Looking about him, evidently the few militia soldiers were in the same position. Even Dane the Tall seemed tired and was grateful for the brief respite when Rance motioned for a rest.
           In thick cluster of a couple trees, the men rested briefly, dead silent, and ever alert should the worst happen.
           As the sun began to rise, one of the soldiers muttered under his breath, “I suppose we get going again, sir?”
           “Aye, that’s about it,” came the whispered response.
           “Very good sir.”
           Remaining as quiet as they could, the small band began their march. The small hamlet could not have been much further off, but Rance could only estimate their position. They had broken off from the footpath when cries of terror echoed behind them.
           Terror of the Terrors.
           Rance’s face turned grim. His throat was parched, and his legs sore. Burning, his eyes strove from one identical bush to the next, trying to distinguish amongst the little light that blanketed the kingdom on which would stab him the least.
           A staff, hewn from a nearby tree by a dinner knife lay firmly in his hand, assisting in not only clearing a path, but staying upright. Before long, he mused, Dane the Tall would be the only one left.
           The stamina the giant bore was overpowering.
           And yet the group trudged onwards, ever onwards.
           Step by weary, sweat-filled, terror-wracked step they plunged deeper into the forest.
           Where once the village felt an extreme loathing to set foot into the woods, where the tales of monstrous creatures and will-o’-the-wisps kept each man out, the anguish of civilization had turned this dread abode to a brief safe haven.
           But nowhere was safe with the Terrors loose.
           “Sir!” a voice broke through his consciousness – a soldier had called in a whispered shout from further ahead.
           “Aye?” he answered, knowing full well that he should know the militiamen’s names by this time.
           By the time the soldier had requested his immediate presence, Rance had already broken into a run.
           What met his eyes filled him with dread.
           Somewhere along the way, they had missed the hamlet. Instead, in front of them was this large clearing and a single, lone house.
           But what frightened him more was the inhabitant, standing at the doorstep of the worn-down building. With bended back, the old man beckoned at the small band with one long, crooked finger. A cloak, patched to the extent that the original shade could not be distinguished, was draped around the rounded shoulders.
           An aquiline nose, and piercing blue eyes gave a hawk-like appearance to the stranger, but what was the most disturbing was his incessantly loud, screeching laugh.
      <>     <>     <>
      Fun Facts!
      ~by @Theresa
      Fun facts
      (Columbus Day edition)
      1. One of Columbus's ships, the Santa Maria, was wrecked upon the coast of the Americas and did not make the return voyage.
      2. The day is called Dia de la Hispanidad, or Fiesta National in Spain.
      3. The first state to officially recognize the day as a holiday was Colorado in 1906.
      4. It is the least observed of all federal holidays with only around 10% of business closing and taking the day off.
      5. Christopher Columbus is sometimes credited with "discovering" America. Of course, there were already people living in the Americas for thousands of years. Today we call them Native Americans. Columbus wasn't even the first European to reach the Americas as Leif Ericsson of the Vikings had already visited.
      ~ from @Arthur
           Once again, we must say farewell for now. I wish you all a blessed October in this, the month of the Rosary. For any of you who find that they, somehow, have any time on their hands (I know, a preposterous thought in the middle of the school year) and you're thinking of submitting something to the CH Times, please don't be shy! My PM box is always open! But, for now, on behalf of the CH Times, have a wonderful day and goodbye! We'll see you again in November!
      God Bless each and every one of you,
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