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  • Blog Entries

    • SmartKitty16
      By SmartKitty16 in The CH Times 12
      ~The CH News~ by @Theresa
      There a new image guideline Mr. Warren added recently. It's under admin info.
      @Marin Clare Wilder is hosting a Lenten poetry contest!! She's taking admissions till Easter Monday! 
      Here's the link
      Franciscan House: 
      Theresian House: 
      Dominican House:
      Benedictine House: 


      House Columns by @SmartKitty16
      Welcome to another edition, where I go over the news of the Houses, and show off some of the AWESOME TALENT contained within them. In general House news, there's a reaction for each of the Houses today (April Fool's Day)!
      If you have an idea for the House Columns, please pm me!
      Franciscan House
      On St. Patrick's Day, Operation Emerald commenced, where members of the Franciscan House changed their pfps to the Franciscan crest, and tried to have the crest as the icon on all the forums. In addition to this, the Franciscans got their very own Franciscan Pride Reaction.  The roleplay is also still going strong. 
      Theresian House
      The Swan-themed contest has concluded, and the winners are @Lucy M. in first place, and @Mockingjay46 in second place! Congrats, ladies!
      The winning pieces:
       by @Lucy M.
      and  by @Mockingjay46
      Some other art submitted for this entry:
      By @Aussie_Girl:

      In other news, @Aussie_Girl has started a Photography Contest. The current theme is Flowers. 
      Dominican House
      Sadly, nothing has been submitted from the Dominican House for this issue. If you are a member of Dominican and have an idea for this section, please pm me (SmartKitty16). I would love to know about any ideas you have. I am brainstorming some ideas myself, but haven't worked them out quite yet. 
      Benedictine House
      @Solkitty has posted a list of Guidelines at the top of the Personal Journals forum. Please read it if you would to like to know what is and isn't allowed to be done in PJs. 
      At first, I was afraid I didn't have anything for the Benedictine section, then I remembered "Why not use an interview done by a Benedictine House Leader?" @pianoplayingpony has been planning this for a while now, and as a lot of Benedictine members love music, I think it works perfectly. To all you Entropy fans, I hope you enjoy this!
      Interview of Entropy by @pianoplayingpony
      Greetings fellow Harbourlings!
      I’d like to present an interview I did with one of my favourite rap artists. His name is Entropy, and you can find his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoLykJp6Io1viI-LDirhIVQ . If you like clean, Christian, but still fiery rap, or are a fan of NF, you need to check his work out. Without further ado, here are six questions and answers with Entropy!
      Pony: Hey Entropy, I became a huge fan of yours late last year. I was super excited to have found a clean, but still fiery, rapper, so I shared your YT channel links everywhere I could. Is it possible I could interview you for the school paper...?
      Entropy: I’m happy to hear such positive things. I would be honored! Feel free to write any questions that come to mind in this comment section, and I’ll try my best to respond :)
      Pony: Thank you so much!
      What first got you into music, and which artists have inspired you in your music-making journey?
      Entropy: I’ve never been a musically impressive person. When I was young, I didn’t play guitar or piano. I wasn’t in band or choir. My love of music and making music came more out of loneliness actually. I needed someone to share my bad times and negative emotions with. I never had that, so music became my outlet, and a healthy one. I fell in love with it and now after being in a much better place mentally, I can’t see my life without music. It’s part of me. It’s hard to name an artist or a handful of artists since my preferences in music change, although Charlie Puth, Post Malone, Jon Bellion, and so many rappers have inspired me. I also love music soundtracks and scores.
      P: What motivates you to keep your music clean?
      En: A big part of it has to do with my personality. I’m a Christian and I have no problems with cussing or [action movie], I’ve just never felt myself when I swear too much. It’s just not who I am. And on top of that I enjoy being different or unique, even if it’s something small. I also want my music to be enjoyed by everyone, young or old, atheist or religious. Everyone has felt pain and heartbreak, and we all need comfort sometimes. :)
      P: Which song that you’ve released has meant the most to you, and why?
      En: It’s hard to choose one because so many of them mean a lot to me. However, I think I would narrow it down to “Pity.” That song was generated from a feeling of disappointment and loneliness. It became a song that took what I was feeling and turned it into one of my first more successful songs. The crazy thing for me is, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed listening to one of my songs more than that particular one. It was also made completely from scratch, and I almost didn’t finish it. I was about halfway done with it and I almost bailed, but I decided to finish it and it became one of the first songs any ever told me they liked from me. It was a stepping stone.
      P: If you had thirty seconds to talk to your audience about something very important to you, what would you say?
      En: Honestly, I would love to have a conversation about perspective. Life is so hard and everyone goes through hard times. We all deal with awful things. I would love to help people see how much power they have in their minds. Whether you are battling with depression or loneliness or something else, we all have more control than we think. We need to train ourselves to be optimistic, to see the good in every situation, otherwise even when things go well, we will never be satisfied. I love the quote, “shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.”
      P: How did you choose the name Entropy, and which others did you consider (if any)?
      En: The word “Entropy” means “lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.” I thought this was a perfect metaphor for what was going on mentally in my head at the time. I think we all suffer from moments of unpredictability or chaos in our lives, and I wanted my music to be in reference to that. Honestly, it was the only name I thought of. It just seemed to fit perfectly.
      P: What encouragement would you give to those hoping to build a career in music?
      En: It’s hard. Music or any other sort of self-made business is hard. You will make no money and have zero support. Expect no one to help you. However, if it’s your passion and you can’t see yourself doing absolutely anything else, then you will make it. It will happen. You will fail and you will struggle for years, but that all seems like a blink of an eye if you love it. Don’t listen to what anyone says. Make the music you want, how you want, and you WILL succeed. The difference between the ones that make it and the ones that don’t, is the fact that the ones that don’t make it are the ones that quit before they made it-- not because they didn’t have the talent. You will succeed by your will, not just your skill. Be yourself and make art.
      Pony: (: Thanks so much for responding these. I'd never done something as epic as interviewing a rapper before. Stay awesome, and God bless!
      Entropy: It was a pleasure my friend. :) I really enjoyed the questions! God Bless and good luck.
      Here is the link to Pity: Entropy - Pity - YouTube
      Wishing you all the best as we wrap up Lent,
      Editor's Note
      Since this interview, Pony found out that Entropy's newest album is not completely clean, some songs contain swear words. So while a majority of his songs are clean, still, please be careful when looking them up and listening to them. 
      Welcome Our Newest Members! by @SmartKitty16
      Please Welcome...
      MARVELous Pianist
      Welcome to Catholic Harbor! We all hope yyou enjoy the site!
      CH Interviews by @Audrey and @Alison Wonderland
      *note* as there are no new Theresian House Leaders, i interviewed Arthur
      Editor's Note
      Each person's role is color coded, Dominican is blue, Benedictine is red, mod is deep green, and Franciscan is light green. 
      What was your reaction when Mr. Warren first PMed you? 
      Eliza (Dominican House): I was excited! After reading the first sentence of the message I guessed what was being asked. So, I stopped reading it and went upstairs to finish reading it with my mother, it was all very fun! :)
      Sew Perfect (Benedictine House): I was pretty surprised, but also happy to be able help out :)
      Arthur (mod): When Mr. Warren first PMed me, several thoughts hit me immediately, to be honest. The first was surprise. Of course, I had been a "member" of CH for a long time, over a year, but I had only consistently been on the Harbour since late 2020. To be sure, I knew how the site worked, but it caught me unawares when I was first asked. The second thought was a "What on earth am I supposed to do now?" I knew that, being a moderator, I would get appreciation, be challenged, and be faced with difficulty. Naturally, with that came also a sense of "How will people see me?" How would all the people I know and interact with - will they see me as a moderator or as a friend? Finally, the single thought that has continually pestered me ever since the PM is "Why?"
      Mr. Mega (Franciscan House): Oddly enough our admin PMed me while I was in a different House, I wanted to try all of them but he (Mr. Warren) was wondering if I was going to move back into Franciscan, and if so would I like to be a Leader there. My first set of reactions was something along the lines of, “Oh no Mr Warren PMed me” to “Oh House Leader. What does that entail.....?” along with the obvious questions of why in the world me? XD
      What do you love most about being a House Leader/mod?
      Eliza: Hmm, I like the job of coming up with ideas for the house and executing those ideas because it is a really great opportunity and experience that I've been blessed to be able to have. Also, that aspect, of coming up with and implementing ideas, is quite fun for me as well.
      Sew Perfect: i really just enjoy being able to help a small bit :)
      Arthur: Haha, there are plenty of great things about being a mod. Perhaps my favourite would have to be all the questions I can answer. It might sound a little cheesy, but I do, seriously, love helping other people.
      Mr. Mega: Currently it is running and supervising Projects Iceland. No further comment.
      What’s your least favorite thing?
      Eliza: Well, I guess the only thing would be the fact that we can't go to other houses, haha. I get a little curious and wonder what the other houses look like and what they have going on.  :)
      Sew Perfect: Tbh there aren't really anything i dislike about it except that i cant really see what the other house are like, but other than that nothing :)
      Arthur: Oh dear. Well, there is, without a doubt, a couple details which I wish a moderator did not have to deal with. Then again, without it, there would be no need for us. Our mission, as everyone's should be, is to create a Catholic, friendly, and a family-like atmosphere within Catholic Harbour. As such, there are perhaps times when people do not follow the guidelines and have to be told what they did wrong. I remember the first time when the rules slipped my mind and I was modded... Naturally, most people take this the right way with a wonderful attitude and that's the end of the business. At other times, there are conversations which I would rather not have and those tend to be my least favourite thing.
      Mr. Mega: My least favorite thing is probably black licorice, tar, or sand.
      Well, I was happily surprised this issue. I was NOT expecting this many entries. 
      Since the last entry, I was thinking of crediting all the people who contributed (wrote sections) of the paper. I don't do it all myself, and without them, this paper would be...well, pretty boring, to say the very least. 
      Thanks to @Theresa, @pianoplayingpony , @Audrey , and @Alison Wonderland for your amazing work!
      Well, until next time, Happy Holy Week to you all, and God Bless, 
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