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  • Blog Entries

    • SmartKitty16
      By SmartKitty16 in The CH Times 17
      Welcome everyone to this entry! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving on the 26th!
      Without further ado, here are our wonderful contributions!
      ~The CH News~ by @Thumbelina16
      Catholic Harbor broke the record for members online at a time on November 3. Likely due to activity on CH with the election there was a total of 110 members online, breaking the previous record of 102.
      There is a new debate training activity going on through November 24 called Fallacy Frenzy. It is meant to become more familiar with with logical fallacies. https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/25702-fallacy-frenzy/
      There are several contests going on right now. First off, we have the CH thanksgiving drawing contest. You can enter until 11/18. After that, submissions are open until 11/28. The judges, @pianoplayingpony and @Drummer325, will announce the winners on December 1.  https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/25584-ch-thanksgiving-drawing-contest/ 
      @Christina Chin is creating activities for the feats of St. Nicholas and St. Lucy. Sign up and give your input on ideas at these topics. Sign up:https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/25396-st-nicholas-and-st-lucy-activities-for-ch/ Voting for activities: https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/25520-st-lucy-and-st-nicholas’-feastday-contestactvities/
      There is also a CH Thanksgiving Coloring Contest as well. A coloring page will be selected by @Drummer325 and @pianoplayingpony and participants will be judged on their interpretation of coloring. Deadlines work the same as the drawing contest. https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/25583-ch-thankgiving-coloring-contest/
      Finally we have the CH Scarecrow Contest. Judging, entry, and other deadlines are as follows. https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/25583-ch-thankgiving-coloring-contest/
      A Grand Debate has been started where all posts will be addressed to Mr. Warren, who is the debate chairman. The debate is titled "GRAND DEBATE - R: Parents should usually have their children receive the immunizations recommended by their doctor." https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/25510-grand-debate-r-parents-should-usually-have-their-children-receive-the-immunizations-recommended-by-their-doctor/
      Popular debates lately have been "R: Billionaires should not exist", "R: The Biden Campaign committed fraud in the 2020 election" and "R: Pope Francis' Comments On Civil Coexistence for Homosexuals Were Not Against Church Teachings".
      The total topic count is currently at 24,427 while the post count is at 1,619,865. The total count of members is 1,311.

      CHer: Is so and so a CH legend?!?!?!
        CH Story by @Raelee
      Part Nine
      Ella arrived at the top of the tree and secured the rope in a slip knot,  so it won't slide, and her hands could be free. “Now what?” she called down to the other Chers.
      “Look at the screen, what does it show?” Dais called up to her.
      Observing the screen, Ella frowned thoughtfully. “It has a riddle on it. It says : the tune soothing, the words not, more like a scary story is this song. One chance to get the song title correct, if not the tree will stay as it is forever.” she loudly read out loud.
      “So we need to solve the riddle and we only get one chance,” Elizabeth said thoughtfully. “Anybody have any ideas about what song is more like a scary story even though the tune is soothing?”
      “Hmmm...what about Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?” Mar offered. The other Chers immediately looked at her. “What? It's a strange song, why would anybody wonder where a star is? We all know that stars are in the sky. Plus it is soothing.. It's not like the “Rockabye Baby song” that is just plain gloomy. I mean the baby dies in the end, or at least gets hurt, and it's supposed to be a lullaby!.”
      Nick smiled excitedly. “Mar you're a genius!” he slapped her lightly on the back.
      “What am I?” Mar looked confused. “I mean, thank you. But why?”
      “It's the answer to the riddle. You found the answer,” Nick said ecstatically.”
      Sen hit his palm against his forehead, realizing what Nick meant. “Ohh! It's the song. “Rockabye Baby” has a soothing tune, but has a scary storyline.”
      Smiling, Mar suddenly knew what he meant. “Oh I get it!” She looked at all the other Chers who also knew what Nick meant.
      “Ella! The answer is Rock a bye BAby!” Rose called up to her.
      “You sure?” We only get one chance,” Ella frowned worriedly.
      “Yes! We're positive!” Faith replied.
      “Okay,” Ella typed the words “Rockabye Baby” on the keypad. Abruptly the screen turned green and the tree began to shake.
      “Quick! Climb down Ella!” Audrey warned her worriedly.
      Ella untied the slip not and slipped down to the ground, ran away from the tree’s base, leaving the rope hanging. She was just in time too, the tree lurched and flipping ,righted itself upright correctly; the roots now being underground and the branches up in the sky. A few seconds later all the other trees had also righted themselves.
      “Great job Ella!” Gabby gave her friend a high five.
      “Thanks, great job figuring out the rideel,” Ella blushing under the praise.
      “We did it!” Faith laughed and hugged Rose happily.
      Rosie barked excitedly, as the rest of the Chers high-fived excited to have fixed the tree. Nobody noticed as she ran off into the woods, and Days followed after her.
      “Rosie! Come back!” Dais called after her, running off the path and through the forest, leaves crushing under his path. Pausing to catch his breath, he looked around. His pet dog was nowhere in sight, and he couldn't find his way back to the stone path. “Great, I lost my dog, and I lost my way to the path. This day can't get any worse,” he sighed.
      “Oh, it can, and it will,” an ominous voice said.
      Dais felt a hand on his shoulder. He was about to turn around when he felt something hit his head hard, and everything went black.
      Rosie abruptly barked, running into the group of Chers. She Pulled on Faith’s pant leg.
      “What's the matter Rosie?” Faith asked, putting her water bottle back in her backpack. She  looked down at the barking dog.
      Rosie barked again, running to the edge of the path, and then turning and looking at Faith as if to say ‘follow me”.
      Faith glanced around at the other Chers who were still celebrating. She then looked at Rosie who ran off into the forest. “Wait up Rosie!” she called out and ran off the path into the forest. Rosie waited for Faith to get close and then ran off into the forest, Faith following close behind.
      Finally, Rosie stopped in a clearing and barked again. “So you wanted to show me an empty clearing?” she asked panting.
      Barking again, Rosie despaired in the bushes and repaired, pulling a cloth bag, by its strap. She stopped in front of Faith and looked at her, as if waiting for Faith to do something.
      Confused, Faith picked up the bag. ‘Hmm… It's a satchel.” she glanced at Rosie, and then eyed an initial engraved on the cover of the bag. “D...It’s Dais’ bag!” she glanced again at Rosie. “Is he in danger?”
      Rosie barked as if to say yes.
      “I have to go tell the others. We need to find him,” Faith took a step but suddenly the bag was wrenched from her hands, and she felt a hand push against her neck. Then everything faded into darkness.
      Mr. Warren glanced at one of the many screens which displayed live video feed from many areas on the island. “So we have no idea what the virus cause looks like?”
      Natalie nodded. “He or she, could be somebody we know, or a complete stranger.”
              Suddenly, looking at one of the screens,  Mr. Warren saw Dais go off the stone path following Rosie. A few minutes later Rosie reappeared and Faith followed her off the path. He waited about fifteen more minutes, but they didn't come back.  “Hmm..Please gather the others Dais and Faith have disappeared off the path, and might be in trouble. We need to have an emergency meeting,” Mr. Warren said, observing the screen in which the Chers were high-fiving, unaware of their co-mates’ plight.
      “Okay,” Natalie worriedly saluted and went off to carry out his orders.
      A few minutes later, Natalie prepared followed by a few other Chers, and two of the guides, Lily and Ella. They all stood in a straight line and saluted. Mr. Warren nodded at them, addressing them. “As you see,” he gestured at the upside down tree in one screen. “The virus cause has struck. We have no idea who she or he is. The culprit could be a friend, or a stranger. I will need all of you on watch for him.”.
      “Very good,” Mr. Warren nodded. “Lily, Ella, I need you to check on the status of the island; so we know how much of the island is being affected by the virus.”
      Lily and Ella nodded and then saluting, left the room.
      Mr. Warren’s gaze as he looked the Chers over, paused on a sixteen year old girl, and fifteen year old boy. “Athena, Will. You up for joining them and being there full time guides? Your job will be to make sure nothing dangerous happens to any of the other Chers, and will help them on their quest to find the virus culprit.”
      Will and Athena nodded. “Of course.” Will saluted.
      “Were happy to help,” Athena added and also saluted.
      “Very good. Natalie?” Mr. Warren looked at her.
      “Good luck!” Natalie pushed a button on the dash and immediately an aura of many colors surrounded Will and Athena.Then the colors faded away, and they disappeared from sight.
      “Lucy, Isabel,  I need you to search for Dais and Faith. they might be in danger.” Mr. Warren instructed them.
      “Yes sir,” Lucy, who looked to be fourteen,  nodded, saluting.
      “We won't let you down,” Isabel, who looked to be sixteen, added and saluted.
      Mr. Warren nodded at Natalie  who pushed a button, and a colorful aura shrouded the two chers, and they also despaired like Will and Athena.
      Then Mr. Warren addressed the rest of the staff.” The rest of you are on security watch. You are dismissed.” AFter the staff had filed away, he looked at Natalie. “Let's hope the virus has affected too much of the island.”
      Poems by @PandaGirl
      Love is a mystical, powerful force.
      Makes us big as a hill or strong as a horse.
      Love is surrounding us when we pray,
      And singing along to the music of day.
      Love is what's felt in the arms of a lover,
      And you know that love isn't felt with any other.
      Love is what's felt by a new mother,
      Looking down at the face of a brand new other,
      A child so pretty and new,
      Yet to feel cold and the dampness of dew.
      Love is what's keeping an angel at your side,
      To light and guard and rule and guide.
      Love is what's keeping you alive,
      The Love of our Creator helping you to thrive.
       I pray the Lord every day
      To send my great love back my way.
      And I wish upon every star,
      I open my eyes...
      And there you are.
      I've heard that some people are wary
      Of darkness. They find it scary.
      The unknown is mankind's greatest fear,
      As advertised by the meaning of darkness here.
      In the dark mysteries lie, yet to be unraveled.
      There are ways not shown, paths not traveled.
      Darkness is thought of as the opposite of light,
      The losing side in a never-ending fight.
      But what I think of darkness surpasses them all.
      Darkness is a mystery nowhere near small.
      There's a beauty in darkness, yet to be found.
      Our hopes aren't yet buried deep under the ground.
      Hey guys, if you would like to write some poetry for the Times, just PM it to me (Smartkitty) and I'll take care of the rest. 
      On top of this, @Chessroofer's poetry contest is still going on, feel free to check that out here: https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/25342-the-poetry-contest-by-chessroofer/?tab=comments#comment-1630611
      Welcome Our Newest Members! by @SmartKitty16
      Please Welcome… 
      Lexi Kamish
      The Magical Sleepmaster
      Eternal Winter
      The Isaac
      Welcome to CH!!! We hope you enjoy the site!
      Interviews of the CH Ambassadors! by @SmartKitty16
      Hey guys, today I'll share an interview of @Drummer325, @Raelee, and @pianoplayingpony, some of our ambassadors on CH! I will list the questions, then each ambassador's answers after that. I hope you all like it. 
      What was your reaction to receiving Mr. Warren’s PM? 
      @Drummer325: It was unexpected, i didnt realize at the time that the previous ambassadors term was ending, and i didnt expect them to choose me xD
      @Raelee: I was worried when I first saw it that I had down something wrong, and tried to think of what I could have done. But then when I read it I was surprised and shocked in a good way.
      @pianoplayingpony: I was so surprised. My hand flew to my mouth and I stared at my screen while my family asked what was up. I managed to stammer out “ambassador pony”, and that was how the news was broken.
      What’s your favorite part about the job?
      @Drummer325: getting to organize contests and meeting new members :))
      @Raelee: My favorite part of this job is answering Chers questions and helping to welcome them. I am an extrovert so I really enjoy chatting with  people and making new friends.
      @pianoplayingpony: I love chatting with everyone and setting up contests with the team.
      How would you describe the ambassador role to someone who doesn’t know what it is?
      @Drummer325: Our job is to welcome new members and introduce them to the community, as well as help grow the community. 
      @Raelee: I would describe the ambassadors role as this: An ambassador helps to welcome new members, answers questions and helps to make Catholic Harbor an welcoming and open environment.
      @pianoplayingpony: Embracing the Canadian stereotype of saying “buddy,” I would say “it’s an ambassador’s job to be a buddy to everyone.” To expand on that, we try to make everyone feel welcome (I like to chat with the older members too), and we also try to set up fun activities and help the staff.
      What are your hobbies?
      @Drummer325: I love music, assuming that"s a hobby. I also love video games, science, sports, and some reading. 
      @Raelee: My hobbies are writing stories, biking, reading, talking, and singing with a church choir.
      @pianoplayingpony: CHing, biking, riding horses, basic parkour, playing piano, watching WWI/II movies, and thinking
      How would you describe yourself and your personality to someone who doesn’t know you well?
      @Drummer325: I’m always open to meeting new people, i love to make others laugh, and idk how else to describe it xD
      @Raelee: I would say I am an extrovert who loves to talk and make new friends. I have an imaginative and dreamy personality, which helps me with my story writing.
      @pianoplayingpony: For an INFJ, I’m super extroverted on CH. I’d like to say I try to be positive and help others see that there is good in every day, though everyday might not be good, but I’ll let you guys decide that, haha.
      What was your first impression of CH when you first joined, and how has it changed?
      @Drummer325: My first impression was that, i had never been part of any “social media” before that, and it seemed like a fun idea to meet new people. I was super shy when i first joined and it took around a week for me to say anything. CH hasn’t changed too much, the only big differences to the forums is that Role Plays no longer exist and the forums were moved around a bit. The only other difference would be that there are many more members, quite a few who have moved onto alumni or have left. Other than that, its been fun to see CH grow. 
      @Raelee: When I first joined CH, I just through it was like Google Hangouts. But as I went on more and more often, I realized it was something way better! It is the ideal place for Catholic Homeschoolers using the Seton curriculum to talk. During the first lock down for COVID  last March,  CH was my social/extrovert  outlet, and I really began to see the greatness of this chat group!
      @pianoplayingpony: I had a great impression of CH when I first joined. I made an intro topic and quite a few members commented on it, including some awesome OGs, and I was amazed at how friendly everyone was. The CH family has had its ups and downs (as every family does), but it’s still a great site with wonderful people on it.
      What’s your favorite part about the CH community?
      @Drummer325: my favorite part about the CH community is that although there is 1,000+ members, its like a family, no matter if your meeting for the first time or known each other for a while, it seems as if you’ve known each other your entire lives, thats why I love CH. 
      @Raelee: My favorite part about the CH community is how welcoming everyone is and the fact that it is a a Catholic chat group. It is great to be able to chat with other Catholics, especially the ones on CH who are welcoming,  always ready to chat with you or to hear your worries, and always ready to pray for any intentions you have. Catholic Harbor is the ideal community for Catholic homeschoolers to get to chat with each other and be social!!
      @pianoplayingpony: The safe chats and messaging system where you can talk with fellow Catholics. While status updates take a close second, these two tie for first because I’ve met my closest friends on here. : )
      Thank you all for answering my questions!
      Whoo, that was a long one. Hop you all enjoyed this! That's it for this entry, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
      God Bless, 
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