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  • Blog Entries

    • SmartKitty16
      By SmartKitty16 in The CH Times 7
      Welcome everyone to another CH Times entry! I hope you are all doing well!
      Firstly, I would like to say that the votes are in and the new logo for the Times is this one made by @Cocococo!

      Big thanks to @Cocococo for bringing up the idea and making this!
      Now here is the heart of the paper, the CH News by @Thumbelina16!
      First up with CH news we have @Chessroofer who is giving information on the next poetry contest. All entries are to be PMed to Chessroofer who will a new name so as to keep the authors name's solely between Chessroofer  and the author.  The topic for the poems is change/time. Each poem should have 6 lines per stanza with 6 stanzas. Rhyming or no rhyming is up to the author and the poem will be accepted either way. All poems should once again be PMed to Chessroofer who will be accepting entries until July 18th. 
      @Raelee has been doing very well with her Getting to Know Your Fellow CHer Better topic and wishes to inform everyone involved that she will be assigning new partners every two weeks now instead of one week. New people are always welcome to join!
      Current debates include "R: Wearing a mask is beneficial to preventing COVID-19" . The topic has 6 pages and the votes include a current count of 24 pro, 20 con, and 4 for abstain. We also have "Resolved: COVID-19 is fake" with 2 pages, 3 pro votes, 43 con votes, and 2 abstain votes. 
      Catholic Harbor stats include a total post count of 1,410,213 as of June 30, 2020. As of the same date, there was a total topic count of 21,586. We have a total member count of 1,182 with @Kateri being our newest member. 
      When you see all this mafia hype but never partook in any of it:
      My entire CH experience in a nutshell:

        Next, here is a music review by @CherubPB. 
      Hello, harborlings, Cherub here, with a new project of mine: a MUSIC COLUMN!!!
      This is my humble little home where I’ll contribute to the community in the way I love best: talking about music. You, my beloved readers, will get to be informed of upcoming albums, music reviews, and news involving the wonderful world of music!
      This first article will be a simple music review, nothing too fancy. In the same way I handle music reviews for my CH Radio thread, I’ll give two ratings for each song: my personal rating, where I review it entirely based on my own personal musical tastes and emotions; and my professional rating, where I write a non-bias review focusing mostly on the production and lyrical depth of the song.
      Today, I’m here to write up a review about a fantastic EP recommended to me by @nomad. It’s called Inoue, by LANKS. A relatively short extended play, it consists of three songs, and almost immediately from the first song it goes into a touching story of nostalgia, dependence, and regret. It was released in 2018, and two of the singles from this album, Stronger Than and Spiritual Man, remain his most popular works to this day.
      This is definitely one of my favorite EPs of 2020, so let’s not waste any time and jump right into it, shall we?
      Track 1: Stronger Than
             Lanks opens up his album with a smooth, lo-fi electrofunk-type song. It’s got a nice, somewhat quick rhythm to it while still maintaining a melancholic remembrance of someone who was “stronger than [he] ever knew”.  The lyrical content has themes of nostalgia and regret, as he refers to her as an “old friend”, and wishes he could make her “forget today”. The composition of the music is handled excellently.
      Personally, I’d give this song an 8/10. It really spoke to me because I’ve gone through similar feelings that were expressed in this song.

      Professionally, I’d give this song a 9/10. Point lost for little variation in the rhyme scheme and the slightly repetitive nature of the pre-chorus. An interesting feature of the song was the variation in his tones throughout, the high notes he hit were a nice touch.
      Track 2: Spiritual Man

                  This song has a really cute bounce to it, which made it a quick favorite of mine. Lanks sings about a lover who helps him become a better person. He compares her to “the best kind of therapy” and hates being separated from her, establishing a classic theme of dependence and undying loyalty.

      Personally, I’d give this song a 9/10. As soon as I heard that peppy beat I was in love, and the lyrics spoke to me because I do feel like love is a form of therapy. When I speak to someone I love, it helps me escape the troubles of this world.

      Professionally, I’d give this song an 8/10. It wasn’t exactly very deep or intense lyrics-wise, which allows for the danger of being underappreciated (something I’d imagine an artist would hate to feel). There is a part during the chorus (“I am not a spiritual kind of man”), where I could feel a slight tiredness in his voice. I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but it sounded really good.

      Track 3: Wept

                  Although this isn’t one of his popular songs, I personally considered this to be the masterpiece of the album. A heart-breaking, tearful ode to a lost opportunity, Lanks really outdid himself here. Although the lyrics were a bit graphic at times (“a knife cut the side of your chest”), he definitely packed the emotion necessary to establish the unmistakable theme of regret.

      Personally, I’d give this song a 10/10. Definitely a song you’d want on a sad song playlist, it almost brought me to tears when I heard it (Kinda fitting, considering the name, wouldn’t you say?).

      Professionally, I’d give this song a 10/10. There’s a certain charm to the simplicity in this song. A single repeating chain of guitar chords in the background and the graininess any lo-fi fan would love. The sudden build ups were an excellent touch to keep the song from becoming a tedious listen, it added life to what could’ve been an extremely boring song. Although the lyrics were a bit repetitive, I allowed it to slide because it accurately reflects the one-track mind most people get trapped in when they succumb to regret and despair. It’s hard to think of anything else but a few words at a time when you’re busy thinking of what could have been. A fantastic way to bring an end to this beautifully composed EP.

      Well, that’s the end of my review! I thought I’d start with something small because I didn’t want to overwork myself on the first article, but I promise that you can always expect quality content from me, no matter how short or long the review is. If you would like to see me review a certain song, album or EP, be sure to leave recommendations at my CH Radio thread! I pick up all my potential reviewing material from there, and leaving your recommendations in that thread is the best way to get your music noticed by me! If I review something that you've shown me, I'll be sure to tag you in the article! Thank you for reading, and have a blessed day!
      Thank you Cherub! 
      Finally, we have the very first CH Times special edition of @ChinchillaWings's CH exclusive comic:

      Credit to @Cocococo for the Harbor Pals logo!
      This issue's character spotlight is Pototamus, a character made by @NJB! Pototamus is kind and friendly, yet sometimes a bit gullible. He usually is optimistic, but his naiveness sometimes gets in the way. (Also featuring @FaithHope&Love's Faith, and a mention of @Lucy M.'s Twig)
      Excellent job, @ChinchillaWings! Hopefully we will be able to regularly feature the Harbor Pals comic strip in the CH Times.
      I think that's everything for this entry. Thank you all for reading,  and Happy Fourth of July!
      God bless, 
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