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  • Blog Entries

    • Arthur
      By Arthur in The CH Times 12
                 It’s been a month and a half over the last 15 days, to be sure… actually it hasn’t. However, Catholic Harbour has been a beehive of excitement over the last two weeks all the same. As ever, the Times will try to summarize what has gone on, so sit back, grab the nearest chocolate, and have fun!
           One of the major parts of Catholic Harbour is the incredible Chess Club Seton offers. Every member of Seton is invited to join this club, where there are amazing competitions and puzzles. This issue of CH is dedicated to this Chess Club!   
           Once again, if anyone wants to contribute to the Times, or if you have any ideas at all on how to make this the very best paper in the world, head on over to this topic or shoot me a pm whenever!
           Now, without further ado, the very latest from your very own CH Times!
      FlamingoQueen Bluey salty_soprano Edna Spineless_Julia tiana27 Colin M. K. Along with the entire Harbour, let me welcome you to CH! 
      CH News
      ~by @Theresa
      Here’s the CH news for June, got lots of fun stuff going on and some great memes! Enjoy!   First up we have a new rule, rule 17. That can be viewed here https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/1-official-site-rules/   @Mockingjay46 Has a new club she made!   https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/30782-cristeros-harbor-ch-hq/   And she is also putting on a Logo Competition which can be viewed here.  https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/31105-ch-logo-competition/   Voting for the music competition is going on here!
      @pianoplayingpony and @Lissy Oleen  are running it if you have any questions! https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/30892-vote-now-first-ch-bi-monthly-music-contest-submissions-🎶/   Story contest by @Bluebell https://www.catholicharbor.com/topic/30881-excerpt-story-contest-no-6-sign-up/  @Bluebell is the new Theresian House Leader, taking the place of @Leprechaun12. You were fantastic Leprechaun! Congratulations Bluebell!   
      House Columns
      ~by@Arthur and @Eliza Franciscan House
      <> The Official Franciscan Video Call Chat is happening every Friday y’all! Log on in at 1 PM Central Time for a host of non-stop chat!
      Theresian House
      <> Oh where to start? This has got to be one of the busiest Houses on CH…
      <> The Theresian Monthly Art Contest theme this month is Star Wars! May the Force be with all of you!
      <> ANIMALS!!! is the theme for the June Photography Contest! As with the Monthly Art Contest, everyone has until the end of the month to enter a photo! Best of luck!
      <> The May Photography Contest voting is ending on the 17th at 11:59 pm! That makes it TWO DAYS until it’s all over! Hurry over there to vote now!
      <> Finally… and it’s been a busy first half to the month, I must admit… the Theresian Superlatives are out! Rush on over there to put my name in each of the brackets!
      Dominican House
      <> The Dominican House is currently hosting Rhetorical Competition. The way the competition works is the contestants read through a literary work, in this case Letter From Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr., and examine it to find as many rhetorical appeals and devices as they can. Whoever finds the most in the end wins!
      Benedictine House
      <> With just under 150 members, House Benedictine Superlatives is now out! The results will be out soon!
      CH Memes
      ~by @The Members of CH
      ~catalogued by @Theresa
      Keep up the creativity everyone!     


      The Seton Chess Club
      ~by @Stormcrow
      Hello Catholic Harbor members!
         As most of you probably know, Seton runs a Chess Club through CH for any member who is interested.  It uses ChessKid, a site designed to allow kids to safely play against each other online.  Members are able to compete against kids from all around the world, improving their brain in the process.  The club now has 254 members with 11 pending registrations, and also hosts five fast chess tournaments a week.  In addition, for those players who prefer to take their time and carefully plan each move, there are two slow chess tournaments currently being played, one run by @Chessroofer, and the other by @Petrus.  In slow chess, each player has 7 days to play each move, as opposed to 5, 10, or 15 minutes to play the entire game in fast chess.  These time control options allow players to experiment with the best balance of time and calculation for them.  On ChessKid, members also have access to some beginning chess lessons, chess puzzles, and can compete against multiple levels of chess computers.  With options like these, even new chess players are able to get the most out of the Seton Chess Club.
         Thanks to these ChessKid features, the Club is able to hold various monthly challenges throughout the year.  The current Summer Challenge is to play 150 fast chess games before August 31st.  One member has already completed it, playing a stunning 162 fast chess games in 12 days!   In May's challenge, 23 members earned their badge for playing fellow Seton Chess Club Members, which was awarded to them on the Membership List here on Catholic Harbor.  Upon request, we have also just added a new fast chess tournament this month.  It has a 5 minute time control, but it is only for members rated lower than 1300.  This gives the main body of the club a much better chance of placing in a tournament.  Also, if a member ever forgets when a tournament occurs, the times are listed on the community calendar for their convenience.
         In conclusion, the Seton Chess Club offers opportunities for chess players at every level of experience to improve their skill in a fun and supportive environment.  So even if you've never played chess before, please consider giving it a try!
      God Bless,
      Kevin - Seton Chess Club President 2021-2022
      ~by @Arthur
      Why did you join SCC and how long have you been a part of the club? @Bluebell: I joined SCC because I enjoy playing chess as it is a fun pastime and is a great game to do with friends. Actually, I was planning to join it, but @Mr. Rock made me an account without me knowing it (a bit of miscommunication on my part XD) so I didn't have to wait very long for it. XD
      @Mr. Rock: I discovered the SCC in November of 2015 (back when the SCC had its own site) after seeing an ad for it somewhere (maybe the Seton Magazine or the Seton Catalog). I had enjoyed playing chess with my sister, and thought that since it was exclusive to Seton I thought I should check it out.
      @pianoplayingpony: I joined Dec 6, 2019.
      @ANONYMOUS:  As a child I have been interested in chess, as well as the fact that my older brother was in the chess club. I have been part of the club for about 1 year now.
            2. What, in your opinion is the best thing about SCC and if you were a part of the old club, how do the two compare?
      @Bluebell: I think it's great fun! I really like how we can play other people when CHers aren't online, and of course I love playing with people I know. ChessKid has a lot of fun features too! Well, when comparing it to the old SCC, it was definitely less glitchy! Things are more organized and up to date.
      @Mr. Rock: The best thing about the Seton Chess Club is being able to play with other Seton students. Having some connection with the person you are playing, even if it is only that you both do the same curriculum, makes the game so much more enjoyable than playing some anonymous person.
      As for how the old and new SCC compare, and old SCC definitely had a more exclusive feel, as you could only play other SCC members. Plus there was a very basic club system, where you could create a club page or become a member of someone's club. There was a lot of fun in running clubs over there- I really enjoyed being the club owner of The Chess Conquistadors. However, the site was very glitchy and slow, and all the games were done over an extended period of time, so no live games or "Fast Chess". On the other hand, ChessKid is much faster and a well-run site, with many more features- Fast Chess, Slow Chess, Puzzles, Puzzle Duel, lessons, analysis, and numerous Fast Chess tournaments. It is much bigger and you aren't limited to only playing SCC members. So while it isn't as exclusive, it does guarantee that you will always have someone who is better than you.
      While I miss the "good old days" of the SCC website, the ChessKid site is a fine substitute. I really like the site and I am better chess player because of ChessKid.
      @pianoplayingpony: The best thing about SCC is that you can challenge your friends, which is a lot of fun and provides both for good memories and time to practice chess strategies in a comfortable, pressure-free environment.
      @ANONYMOUS: The best thing about SCC is the friends on the club. Sadly, I was never part of the old KFC, so I could not compare.
            3. Would you suggest SCC to other members, and why?
      @Bluebell: I would suggest SCC to other members because chess is a great game, not only that, but it's a great way to take a break. Often times if I'm stressed out with school a quick chess game clears my head really well. There's also a lot of fun tournaments that members can take a part of. I do recommend it, even if one thinks they can't play it well!
      @Mr. Rock: I would totally recommend the Seton Chess Club to everyone. The ChessKid site and all of its free features, along with the SCC forum and its activities on CH, gives you plenty of options and makes for an experience that is fun, communal, and helpful in improving your game, whatever skill level you are at.
      @pianoplayingpony: Absolutely! I would suggest SCC to fellow Setoners especially if they wanted an online way to play chess with other homeschoolers so that they could join in on the general fun. :)
      @ANONYMOUS: I am nowhere near the most active of members, and a such, I do not have much experience on it. So I would probably not suggest it
      Closing From @Arthur
           Well, what can I say? @Stormcrow's said it all... the SCC sounds like such a cool place and I'm really looking forward to seeing who the winners of the next tournaments will be! It's a fantastic way to hone both your perception and your tactical genius.
           Thank you everyone who has helped with this issue of the Times. You guys have my unending gratitude and respect.
           Until next time,
           God Bless,
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