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Alumni grace period personal messaging

Mr. Warren

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Ok, so the plugin we are using to separate the alumni group from the student group in terms of PM's has changed the way it works it seems. It used to be that if someone was in two groups (i.e. members and alumni) it would allow the most generous permission. So if the Members group is allowed to PM other people in the members group, you could PM an Alumni user who was also in the members group (as part of their one-year grace period after graduation). After a software update, it isn't doing that anymore, and it is only going by the primary group. So if the member group can't pm the alumni group, it doesn't care if you are also in the member group.

Anyway, the bottom line is that recent alumni in their one-year grace period won't be able to pm current students any more. Again, it wasn't my intention to change this, it is just the result of a change in the way the software works.

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