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Firstly, I want to thank @Born4Bacon and @SmartKitty16 for serving so well as two of our first ever Ambassadors. They each served for 9 months, since the position was first created with the CHIP.

The Moderators have selected the next two Ambassadors (and their choices have accepted the position), so it is my great honor to announce our two newest Ambassadors, @pianoplayingpony and @Leprechaun12 (who will begin her duties after Easter)!

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It is time (a little past time actually) to announce our newest Ambassadors. @Raelee and @Drummer325 have been selected by the moderators and have agreed to the new positions. Congratulations to you both.

I would like to take this moment also to give our warmest thanks to our outgoing Ambassadors @Spider-Gwen and @Margaret Marie. You were both part of our very first Ambassador team first being appointed after the CHIP, which seems so long ago. You have both helped forge the very idea of what it means to be CH Ambassadors.

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