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Deactivation Policy

Mr. Warren

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This has been the policy for several years, but just a remind for those who have been members or a while and a notice for new members, I am re-posting it.

Student accounts can be deactivated for three reasons.

1) Failure to follow Catholic Harbor rules. An extremely serious violation can result in immediate deactivation, but usually members receive friendly reminders about small infractions and formal warnings about more serious violations. Three formal warnings usually result in a temporary deactivation, and a fourth in permanent deactivation.

2) Leaving Seton. This is a community for enrolled Seton students, usually once a year around November or December, we go through the member list and check all students' enrollment status to see if they are still actively enrolled in Seton. If a student is no longer with Seton (for reasons other than finishing high school with Seton), then their account will be deactivated (usually with a two week advance notice).

3) Parent request. A parent or guardian's permission is required for members under 18 on the site and if a parent requests an account be deactivated or otherwise withdraws their permission for their student to be on the site, the student's account will be deactivated.

What is not included in one of these three is member request. It may happen at some point in the future that while you are still eligible to be a member, you no longer wish to participate in the site for whatever reason. If that happens, we certainly hate to lose you. Members are free to come and go. Being a member of the site entails no minimal activity commitment on your part. If you no longer wish to visit the site, just don't visit the site. There is no need to have an account formally deactivated, and I don't do that by request apart from one of the 3 reasons mentioned above. (Historically what ends up happening is that people change their mind and ask to be deactivated, reactivated, deactivated, reactivated, all the while their friends are in a panic and accusing me of banning their friend or wondering if their friend did something bad, and I don't have time for that.)

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