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Members changing to Alumni status

Mr. Warren

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Usually I send individual PMs to everyone affected, but there are 82 members who have logged into CH within the past two months who are either entering their grace period or moving from their grace period into alumni-only status. I am just going to post this as a notification to all as a two-week notice. I will be changing the alumni statuses starting Dec 2, right after our big CH Birthday Bash on Dec 1 when the Time Capsule and Spam City return for the day.

Who is affected? We go by the start date of 12th Grade on your Seton enrollment. If it has been over 12 months since you started 12th Grade, regardless of whether you have finished in that time, you would be moved to the grace period. If it has been over 24 months, you will be moved to the alumni-only status (even if we accidentally missed changing your status the previous year).

What to expect? If you are entering your grace period, you will not lose any access to the student forums or houses. You will be gaining access to the alumni forums. In terms of PMs, you will gain the ability to PM with other alumni, but you will be losing the ability to PM with students.

If you are entering the alumni-only status from your grace period, you will be losing access to the student forums (except for the shared forums) and houses.

If you are a student member not getting a status change, you might be seeing less of some members except in the shared forums.

If you are an alumni-only member already, you are likely going to start seeing a big increase in activity in the alumni forums.

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